Happy 30th Anniversary to Dark Sun!

Happy Anniversary to Dark Sun! This month marks 30 years that Dark Sun has been around! Thanks Troy Denning, Timothy Brian Brown, Bill Slavicsek, Monte Cook, Bruce R Cordell, Robert J Schwalb, Richard Baker, Rodney Thompson, Chris Sims and everyone who’s had a hand in contributing to this amazing setting. And of course Dark Sun wouldn’t be Dark Sun without the artists Gerald Brom, Tom Baxa, Diesel, Rob Lazaretti, John Dollar, Wayne Reynolds, Jason Engle, William O’Connor, and many more!

Thanks for putting this image together June!


Crazy to imagine that it’s been 30 years. I wonder if Dark Sun fans will be pouring through our forum posts a hundred years from now. It seems possible.


Digital rot is a thing though… we need to think about preserving our writings a bit better than previous iterations have done.


Believe it or not.

Nearrrrly 48 years old. Still GMing Darksun from the beginning. I’m still here. French-Canadian silly frog, keeper of the stone in your shoe. :smiley:

  1. Doesn’t seem that long ago.

I remember picking up the boxed set in my local game store, reading the back of it and being intrigued and buying it. Then I got it opened and was just blown away by it.

It was what changed my view on what fantasy and gaming could be.


Yeah woohoo. 1991. Don’t remember it haha.
Not because of my bad memory but simply b/c I only discovered DS a year or two later when I played some sessions with not such a good GM, basing his campaign of the box set and Freedom.

When the Revised box came out I picked that up in my local comic/gaming store and from there picked up all the newer materials and started ordering the older stuff. Managed only to play 3 sessions or so before my gaming group managed to get themselves all TPK’d in Tyr’s market in the old arena because they were luring people into a tent and then offing them. That didn’t stay secret or undetected very long. Never knew what they were thinking.
And I had put in quite some thought into the campaign I found out a month or two ago again when I found all my old notes and handdrawn maps including lairs, plots, even a hidden outpost of Korgunard in the Ringing Mountains south of Tyr. Oh boy. Never too late to re-use all of that again I guess.


Thanks Raddu for putting this up. What an awesome 30 years it has been of Dark Sun. I never imagined I’d still be wanting and playing 30 years after seeing the Neeva Cover art from Brom and buying the box set. Yet here we are and with more campaign plots and expansions than before. Looking forward to another 30 years of Dark Sun. A campaign that put Fantasy on its head and is still unique decades later…


Welcome to the Arena @Wolfknight75