Has anyone completed Dregoth Ascending?

I have run my players through Dregoth Ascending I and II. Our next gaming session will likely take us halfway through Dregoth Ascending III. What happened at the end of Dregoth III for you? The final battle looks brutal.

I appreciate any feedback.

I am using 3.5 and I have been DMing since 1982.

I used this adventure roughtly 8 years ago. Players liked it very much. Yes, it was brutal, but it ended too soon. One of the PC was wizard and out of nowhere, because he didn’t have time to choose too well this spells, loaded himself with Disintegrates… After a successful attempt on the orbs, everything fallen apart for Dregoth. I don’t remember all the details, but it went too well for the PCs IMO. Probably my fault anyway :-)))))

I finished Dregoth Ascending! Since I only have 4 players, I allowed 2 characters each. Dregoth paralyzed 3 PCs and killed 2 more. It was close. The PCs managed to break the urn and obsidian box. Dregoth continued to fight for another round before he ran out of hit points. The turning point was a PCs use of the Star of Badna’s abilities. It was very touch and go for 6 rounds but the PCs survived by making Dregoth teleport away after they knocked him down below 75 hit points. They do not have a clue how to reverse the damage Dregoth has done. It was a lot of fun!

Grummore…thanks for your feedback. It help me be a bit tougher on my players. I set the bar a little and gave them a real challenge,


We just did this last night with some twists.

Earlier in my campaign before the Githyanki invasion, the characters stumbled though the portal in the Black Spine mountains, did just a touch of planar exploration, Ended up in the realm of Wee Jas, one of the characters was selected to become her follower, and her champion for this world called Athas. The same character also got Scorcher.

So when it came down to the Dregoth fight, my player spent 40 minutes stumped on a decision. Help stop Dregoth or Help defend Dregoth so Wee Jas can get a foothold on the world.

He decided to stick it out with his adventuring companions to stop Dregoth.

The real boy NPC that had been with them for 5 months now was One Word Killed.

At the end of the fight, I had Dregoth use time stop, take 2 full attack rounds on the character with Scorcher, knocking him for dead, stole Scorcher and disappeared.

This was the end of our campaign, now the world is left with no good connection to the Inner Planes either. What to do.

That is awesome OtomoKim!
My Darksun has a lack of inner plane connection as well.
I am planning one more Dark Sun adventure and it is a doozie!
I am going to give my players a chance to release Raajat so he can heal Athas. Only he can do it. It is my belief he has seen the error of his ways and will repair the damage he has caused. I know, it is a hard sell. lol should be fun

I did play I threw, in my camping.
Did alter some of the original script.
Didn’t want a catastrophic outcome, in the case of the players failing the mission, “They did fail”…
What that could have led to, would leave an unplayable realm in my opinion.
Lots of fun, but my advice, think it threw.:blush:
Leave out things that will change Athas forever…

I had an idea for a high level campaign that Bodach is home to an ancient arcane gate that allows travel to the moons of Ral and Guthay. Each is now how to the decendants of the “extinct” races that were wiped out by the champions of Rajaat. Avangions managed to smuggle some of each race through the gate to safety on the Athasian moons, the gate was destroyed after a huge battle to stop them by the champions. But bodach was destroyed when one of the Avangions sacrificed them self to keep the champions from completing their genocide.

My players managed to kill Dregoth and themselves in the PT. It was “fun”