Has anyone done a 2nd AD&D conversion of The Shadow Shifter?


Has anyone done a conversion of the The Shadow Shifter from the Legends of Athas into 2nd AD&D?



I’m guessing that is a no…


Would you mind providing a link? I’m not sure what Legends of Athas is.

It’s a prestige class from the 3.5 book legends of Athas for epic level characters.


Rajaat99 and I are old 2nd Edition loyalists and die-hards it seems. You too also seem to be aparty to our ardent minority here in the Arena.

Alas, I have not ported this directly. However… Player’s Option: Spells and Magic, p. 19-20 is your friend:

Shadow Mage: Shadow mages are students of the power of darkness and twilight. While shadow mages are not nec-

Hopefully that helps good sir.

I am curious what you might be working on regarding this.





Thanks I’ll look into this.

As for what I am looking at doing is doing a major npc from my old game. Basically the npc was was from forgotten realms. He was a new chosen of mystra. Dregoth when he was running around the other planes. Overcame this npc’s and captured him because of the divine energy aka Silver Fire, he was given. He was brought to Athas against his will. Before Dregoth was able to study the divine energy my npc severed his link to mystra. Dregoth left the npc to be turned into Dray and returned exploring the planes. The npc was transformed into a Dray but later escaped and found his way to the surface. Once there he explored this new world. He was looking for a way to regain he human form. After learning about the Halflings and the Blue age and later the Rebirth. He went looking for anything from the earlier ages. He came across the Green Rhul artifact. Amazed he started to study the artifact and unknown to him he was transformed into a blue age halfling. Later he found the halflings in the forest ridge and learned their illusionary magic and psionics. Also his halfling mentor took him to the Last Tree. Form it he learned about life-shaping. He still wasn’t satisfied so he traveled and he kept exploring. Finding the halflings from the cliffs and became a life-shaper. Then he found Rajaats inverted pyramid in the swamp. Once he learned what he could from it. He returned to the table lands about the time the dragon had been killed and Rajaat had been freed and retraped in the hollow. When the npc learned what had happened. He when to find the pristine tower and the shadow people. There he learned what he could and traded information with the shadow people. My npc told the shadow people he intended to fight Dregoth and hopefully destroy him at some point. With the help of the shadow people he figured out the path of a Shadow Shifter. Now he is close to being ready to more to the 1st stage of the transformation. Which will be the start of a new campaign at some point.

Thats were the back story is right now. So I need to figure out what the 2nd edition stats would be for this. I’ll go over the book you gave me and see what it says. Then from there I’ll work out what the ten stages would look like in 2nd ed ad&d. I don’t think it will be that hard to do. I just wand to see if anyone else had already tried to the Shadow Shifter in 2nd edition.

Thanks for your help.


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Now that is quite the odyssey! This seems like a long-standing campaign indeed.

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Hey there I was considering your question and it got me started on a search. I haven’t played the epic prestige just yet. Though I am going to try to arrange for a bit of one. It may be a long while before I give a playtest/update here, but I will get to work on it.