Hello! I'm new to the forum!

Wow! I can’t this site exists and that it still has some decent traffic! Anyway, I’m really excited to get back into this incredible world. You should be able to tell by now that this is not my intro to Dark Sun. I found it way back in the mid-nineties as a teenager, and began a campaign with a few friends. We had really broken into the concept of the elven market and created mafia-style crime syndicates within the borders of Tyr wherein our characters became quickly entangled. It was sadly short-lived, however, and the group fell apart very soon after I tried to expand with the 2nd edition from 1995. All these years, I still have all the resources, yet lack the people to play the game. Reviewing the materials in earnest, I feel inspired to create my own work alone. I was wondering–read hoping–if there was any interest in fan fiction on this website or if WoTC were at all interested in continuing to publish derivative fiction based on the Athas setting. If anyone knows any info (I’ve been trying to find a way to contact them directly to either submit finished fiction or at least pitch the idea as a possibility), I’d appreciate it if you could steer me in the right direction.

Thanks everyone! I look forward to getting to know you all!



Welcome. I’d love to to read some fan made stories about Dark Sun.
I know the Burnt World of Athas used to post fan made stories, so maybe.

Fair enough! And thanks for the reply. I was rereading some things from the of the old 1st Wanderer’s Journal. So much fun stuff in there to play around with. I want to spend some time developing a couple of main characters and then I’ll post something as a start–see what kind of reaction I get.

Enjoy the day!

Raddu would be the man to contact. http://arena.athas.org/u/raddu/summary

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Welcome to the forum!