Help with a Dark Sun Random Adventure Generator

Hello everyone. I’m putting together a Randomized Dark Sun Adventure Generator, and I thought I’d ask for a bit of help from the community.

Here’s what I have so far:

It operates by randomly picking combinations from lists of Nouns, Verbs, etc to make a rough adventure hook. The grammar won’t be polished, but it’ll be nice in a pinch when you’re out of ideas for the night’s session, or as a way to brainstorm new adventure/campaign ideas.

I can put it together myself eventually, but honestly I’m too lazy/busy to populate the lists. So, I thought maybe everyone could just post a few (or a bunch) of ideas for the lists (or suggest improvements), and we’d get a pretty large pool of options fairly quickly.

I’ve already got some words in the lists. General and specific words are fine, and both would be great. (for instance, both Sorcerer King and Hamanu will be equally great nouns as the “Quest Giver”).

I know not all the combinations will necessarily make sense, but sometimes figuring out how to make sense of a confusing combination can lead to some really interesting ideas. (for instance: “A Templar Begs the party to Burn Down a Thief in/at a City despite/during a Famine.” - What could that possibly mean?)

I’ll leave the link up once the Generator is finished, and post a improved copy if I manage to come up with a better way to accomplish this w/o using a spreadsheet program.

So… let’s hear some ideas!

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Quest Giver: A psion, a psychic warrior, a halfling, a lifeshaper, a wilder, a lawkeeper, an Eloy, a Mul, a half-giant, a mind lord, a psurlon, a Gith, a Kaisharga, a Cerulean, a Necromant, a shadow wizard/templar, a dray defiler/templar, an Aarakrocra/kenku, a Pyreen, a T’liz, a Morg, A shadow giant, a spirit of the land, a druid, a ranger, a ruvoka, rhual-thuan, an elemental drake, a paraelemental drake, a monach’s chosen, a cultist/cult leader, a Meorty, a Banshee, a half-elf, a giant, a merchant, a zik-Chil, a Zik-Trin

Quest Action: protect, find, restore, discover,

Subject noun: an artifact, a staff, a wand, a rod, an orb, a relic, spell components, select from quest giver list

Place: Raam, Nibenay, Eldaarish, Kurn, New Kurn, Draj, Gulg, Saragar, Guistenal, New Guistenal, Balic, Tyr, the Elemental Planes, the Paraelemental Planes, the Astral Plane, the Black, the Hollow, the Dead Lands, the Pristine Tower, Rajaat’s Swamp, the Last Sea, the Cerulean Storm, Ur-Draxa, the Outer Planes (note, only reachable through very obscure means)

Awesome. Updated!

More suggestions are welcome. Feel free to use the generator everyone.