Homebrew and fun on athas

At last my new scanner decided to agree with me.
So let’s scan something,.
Don’t know why, but these funny ancient map came into mind.
I belive this one was created back in 1994, forgive what is outdated.:joy::joy:

City of Balic 1995

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LOL I saw khare and the stepps of badu-bak on the maps and had an instant flashback to a younger me first discovering the sorcery! Books, they were so much fun, can’t help but feeling nostalgic now…

Yes it was a long time ago, think early nineties.:laughing:
I believe the inspiration was taken from swords & sorcery.
We didn’t have much other material back then, little internet a article in the Dragon magazine borrowed from the local library, inspiration from Donkey Kong and what not.
Still fun to se what we stitched together to make things work out of nothing.:slight_smile:

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