How can I Upload a PDF Adventure to Share with Others?

Hey all, I am long time Dark Sun DM. I started Dark Sun with 2nd Edition in 1994, then did 3rd Edition with my own rules, and now I am DMing 4e. I think this is my 4th Dark Sun Campaign. I was wondering if there was a way I could upload a PDF of any adventures that I have created and DMed so I can share with other 4e players. Thanks.

The ablitity to upload a file to a topic is an “unlockable” feature in this forum software. Basically, you have to participate enough that the software is convinced you are a real person, and not a bot or a spammer … which should not actually take too long, to get to the first level.

After that, there’s an upload icon in the formatting bar for messages; you should be able to use that to upload a PDF.

Strike that; the upload is purely for images.

Really, the best way is to upload your file to a public file service – dropbox or google drive have more-or-less free accounts, and you can link to the public file-share URL from within your post.

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