I Discovered another Dark Sun website

There is a lot of information, lore and interpretation here. Definitely worthy of a bookmark and research.

Check out the Accursed Legion, for example.


May I take it the Accursed Legion is a nod to the first Dark Sun CRPG ?

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I’m sorry, are you implying its a fantastic wiki or source for interesting fan stuff?

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There is canon information, extrapolation of canon information and fan content.

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Ok, because Accursed Legoin is from a 4e era Dungeon article.

I might need to check the site out.

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I didn’t realize that was from 4E (Dragon Magazine, right?). This looks original.

The list i linked said Dungeon, i believe.


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Here’s another Dark Sun website. Dark Sun under the rule of Vecna and vampires. The Sun is literally darkened.

No thanks. Also… not really a Dark Sun website. The level of heresy is so extreme it’s not even really the same setting at all.

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I am still searching for that website which converted Dark Sun to Star Drive and had Rajaat as a captain of generation ship that crash landed on a desert planet :slight_smile: Saw it once, and I shall find it again !