I have returned

Amazing what all can happen in several years. I have been away from Dark Sun for some time, used to be a regular annoyance on the WOTC forums, had crazy ideas about what Dark Sun and At has were, somehow got roped into making epic rules for Athas.org’s 3.5e materials. Had strange, opinionated ideas about Dark Sun overall.

I honestly haven’t done much with RPGs as of late. Life kinda happened: my father passed away, forcing me to move back to help my mom and youngest siblings. Got a job, got into school, got married, got a degree, had a couple kids, moved across the country, and have been job hopping for a bit, hopefully now settling into a job that will stick. The most gaming I have done is occasionally jumping into World of Warcraft, but even that is few and far between.

I happened to do a search on my online name (xlorep), which brought up someone asking about my dragon/avangion rules, which I still had. And that led me back here, an old haunt. Much has changed in the D&D landscape, and I am slowly picking it up (5th Ed, huh?)

Anyway, for those old fogeys who knew of me, yes, I am the same xlorep from back then.


Welcome back! It’s good to see names from back in the day.


A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

Wait, wrong setting…


All I can post in response is this (bonus point if you get the StarCraft reference):


Yeah, but I think he says “I have arrived”


Accurate description of yourself

Hello from the distant past, Cliff


Welcome back mate :slight_smile:


Though I rarely post anymore, I still check up through my email notifications every now and again. So, welcome back!

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Do you have your old variants such as Athasian paladin and Athasian sorcerer mentioned here?

Yes, actually. I’ll look for them and get them up on my drive for people to see.

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I eagerly await your Dark Sun content.