I made a map for my new town

Hi guys, I made a map of the town called Harrow Spring in which my players will start their campaign in… since the spot is not mapped on the Atlas, I thought I would share it, if you guys want to use it in your campaigns. You can place the town at “World’s Edge”, B5 on the Athas atlas, where the dried out river spills out into the Silt Sea.

The sorcerer that owns the town is named Harad Darkseam, he is a 14th level draconic blood sorcerer and a 2nd level fighter. He owns everything in the town, but there is no slavery. He wants to become a true Sorcerer-King, but hasn’t ascended yet. He chose this place because it is far enough away from the other SMs that he thinks he can grow here without problems from them. The people are free as long as they work for him (and buy water from him). The well is connected to an aquafer that is 90 feet down and always has clean fresh water. The Arena is underneath the city, and is rebuilt in an old Green Age cistern.

I could go into more details if anyone wants to, just putting it out there if anyone wants to use it.
I signed up to Inkarnate to make a few maps with their tools, since I’m terrible at drawing.