Ideas for West Marches Athas?

My current gaming group is arriving at level 3 in 5th edition and has enjoyed the setting rules (weapon breakage, arcane defiling, etc.) but hasn’t really connected with the setting proper. I’m thinking about moving the group to a far away Outpost where exploration of the area (driven by the players) will be the priority in the West Marches-style.

Would love to see any ideas or cool story components that might come from this. One of my favorite ideas is that traveling aimlessly in Athas will be a significant danger no matter where they are, so exploration is a very dangerous feat.

I always thought Celik would be a great location for such a game.

Why is that? I’m not familiar with that area.

Its a ruined/abandoned city-state from the green age far to the south that a merchant house is in the process of slowly reclaiming by basically sending adventurers to loot/pacify the ruins.

Its the dark sun equivalent of Myth Drannor in FR.

And if you look at a map (, there’s a huge amount of wilderness around it to explore.