Ideas needed for PC consequence

If you don’t want to read the whole post, I’ll sum it up. One of the PCs died and the other PCs decided to use a potion that was created with healing magic to try and bring her back to life. Well, it sort of worked and now she has thorny vines growing out of her wound.
I’ve decided that she’ll take damage from defiling spells and I was considering having the plant stuff take over her body. I’m seeking alternate ideas, however. What do you think should happen?

Just throwing out a few ideas. They may need some more thought. But trying to think of ideas that don’t make her want to die and not play her character any more.

Perhaps she…
Requires more water now
Requires sun light to heal
Grows fruit, berries, acorns, vegetables, gords on her person
Has permanent barkskin
Slowly becomes wooden and stiff
doenst need oxygen to breathe
Has the urge to consume/eat nutrients in dirt
Can regenerate in sunlight like swamp thing
Sprouts flowers
Smells fragrant now
Smells pungent like rotting compost
Doesn’t need to sleep
Falls asleep uncontrollably in the absence of light
Can cast low level plan related spells at will
Think Groot
Takes extra damage from fire
Is more fearful of metal weapons

Every week roll a fort save.(I think you run 2e so maybe Petrification or Polymorph? Been a while.) Failure means another 5% of her body is covered in thin thorny vines. They do not harm her but increase water requirements. Trying to remove them causes intense pain and could potentially kill her. The last thing covered is her face.

Once she’s cocooned in vines let them sweat for a day (or a week) before the vines wither and die. She’s now a plant based being. Any defiling damage is absorbed completely by her HP. She still requires her original normal amount of water but only half the food as long as she spends most of the day outside in the sun.

The potion was a druid’s way of trying to restore nature, turn everyone into plants!