Images of a Shadow Dragon

Hi Everyone,

I am working on some ideas for a NPC I have been working on. Basically a Stage X / 30th level Dragon With Sun Magic / Casting. What do you think?



So, like if Sadira were a dragon?
Also, it looks good, but it needs to be bigger.

Another NPC that’s new. Thinking of a post-Emmissery campaign where the undead of the dead lands are invading the tablelands. Rajaat and the shadow people come up with a new idea of creating a new Dragon under their control. They fool someone into the transformation saying its the only way to stop the undead. But they plan on using the new Dragon to finish the cleansing wars and to destroy the remaining Dragon Kings…or something like that.



Sounds fun. I hope the PCs are ready for all of that.

Yes my friend has a few 20+ level PC’s he hasn’t played in like 20 years we can use…

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I’m a huge fan of that image of Borys from the valley of dust and fire. As such I like the colour but I would prefer much larger wings and I always imagine Athasian dragons would appear more gaunt.