Images of Athas - Crimson Sun & Olive Sky

Hi all,

I’ve been unsuccessfully searching for some images which show Athas in the way it is described on the very first page of the original Campaign book:

From the first moments of dawn until the last twinkling of dusk, the crimson sun shimmers in the olive-tinged sky like a fiery puddle of blood.

Can anyone help me? Most images I find are red/yellow/brown skies with a yellow/orange sun. Some of them have the true crimson sun, but nothing I find seems to honor the “olive-tinged sky”.


This is the first thing that comes to my mind, but its evening.

I’ve done a lot of photoshopping of images for my tour of Athas called #darksundestinations, which you can find on the Dark Sun facebook group. They approach the kind of colouring you’d expect to see:


Thanks guys. That last one is the only one that really goes in that direction. Those photoshopped photos are beautiful, a couple of them lean in the direction. The very first image is what I meant, all browns and yellows. No green and red.

It’s interesting, it’s as if the idea of a green-tinged sky is mostly ignored by the artists. Maybe it was just retconned?

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Did find one more:

but you’re right, seems most artists ignore it


Something like this?


By the way I found this one eventually, can’t remember where, but in case others are searching, it’s a nice one.

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