Info on a few locations bordering the Sea of Silt, please?

I’m perusing a map of the Tablelands area and I see a few locations I know nothing about, and am hoping someone can fill me in, if even just a little blurb of lore to go on. I’m specifically looking at the southeast area around Bodach, Balic, that general region. There’s a location called The Mud Palace, and another called Bleak Tower. Any juicy tidbits of info for either of these spots? I saw on another site that the Mud Palace is an old mud flat with an ancient tower in the center, but nothing about what may have once lived there. Bleak Tower was a complete strikeout for me.


Both are described in the Wanderer’s Journal – (DS1), though neither has an excessive amount of detail, if I recall.

Maybe you could find something here.
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