Interesting Psionic Items

I was just looking at the Empower psionic power and thinking about some interesting psionic items that would make a sorcerer monarch’s palace seem like a wondrous place.
A platform that levitates itself, a candle holder with control light, a box with cryokinesis, a box with molecular agitation.
What other psionic objects could be designed for use by an SM’s servants?

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What edition?

If 3.5e, the Craft Universal Item feat can bring into being pretty much whatever you can imagine.

I imagined the question was more: “Describe cool stuff for them to have.”

And less: “What sorts of things could i legitimately make via this process using the rules.”


I play 2e, but it doesn’t matter really. Redking is right, what kind of cool stuff could The Order, for example, have, for everyday use?

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The 3rd ed Stronghold Builders Guidebook has lots of creative ideas and possible uses which make for excellent inspiration… too many to list here.

In that vein of thought, would a Sink of Cleaning sterilize, or would that require a remove disease effect?


Here is the list of items from that book I think you are referring to.

@Rajaat99 though some may be more applicable than others to dark sun and you’ll want to find a paionic equivalent, but here are a ton of ideas.


Arcane lock

Improved arcane lock


Bless water


Continual flame

Curse water

Dancing lights

Drawmij’s instant summons

Explosive runes



Ghost sound

Glyph of warding

Greater glyph of warding

Greater planar binding

Guards and wards

Gust of wind


Illusory wall


Lemund’s trap

Lesser planar binding

Magic mouth

Mark of justice

Modify memory

Permanent image

Phase door

Planar binding

plant growth

Prismatic sphere

Programmed image


Sepia snake sigil


Shrink item



Solid dog

Stinking cloud


Teleportation circle

Temporal stasis


Wall of fire

Wall of force

Wall of iron

Wall of stone


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I was thinking something similar the other day. When psionics is so prevalent and essentially has no limitation as to what is hypothetically possible, wouldn’t it effectively fill the same space in society as science? Only accelerated, since you could effectively experiement immediately and repeatedly. So basically every scientific improvement mankind has experienced would eventually find its way into such a society (within the natural laws of that universe). Athas has over 10 thousand years of history, but in an oppressive, knowledge-hoarding society. I would expect there to be closely guarded centers of deep knowledge, maybe even wondrous. To me it would make sense that all the SMs, the Order, the Mind Lords, the Dragon, would all have multiple everyday things around them which would blow the minds of average citizens.

Some ideas:
Indoor plumbing
Automated cleaning
Perfect recycling of water (showers ever day!)
Eternally fresh food
Internal weather (Rain room! Snow room!)
“It’s bigger on the inside!” rooms
Audio systems
Telecommunication (SMs private discord)

Etc. Most of this is outside the flavor of Athas from all the material, but all powerful beings that have reigned for thousands of years… they must have been trying to muck about with stuff like this at some point. And then keep it entirely to themselves because evil.


Some of this might be possible even on Athas. For one, we really don’t know how merchant house werehouses operate. It’s possible that without advanced psionic management of inventory, especially perishable inventory, that the city-states of Athas could not meet their material needs.

Take, for example, the possibility storage area sealed with quintessence (3.5e).

You collapse a bit of time from the continuum, forming a 1-ounce dollop of thick, gooey material called quintessence. This substance shimmers like a silver mirror when viewed from some angles but is transparent from other viewpoints. You can smooth a dollop of quintessence around any extremely small object.

Objects sealed within quintessence are protected from the effects of time; in practical terms, they enter a state of stasis. Living flesh with only partial contact with quintessence is also partially pulled out of the time stream (the manifester is immune to this effect). This disruption deals 1 point of damage per round beginning 10 rounds after partial contact occurs.

Quintessence can be manually scraped away from a protected object, freeing it to rejoin the time stream. When you do this, there is a 75% chance that the quintessence evaporates back into the continuum. Otherwise, it coalesces again into a 1-inch-diameter bead, available for later use.

Large quantities of quintessence could theoretically be gathered to preserve large items or structures (or even a complete living creature; if completely immersed, a living creature would not take the damage associated with partial contact). However, psionic characters and creatures are generally loath to do so because accumulations of quintessence weighing 1 pound or more hinder psionic activity within a 5-foot radius of the accumulation: Powers require twice as many power points to manifest, unless the manifester makes a successful DC 16 Will save each time he or she attempts to manifest a power. Also in these circumstances, manifesting a psi-like ability that is usable at will is a full-round action rather than a standard action.

How do you get faro fruit in all seasons? Now we know. Athas is resource deprived but has plenty of highly skilled people that make up for the shortfall.