Is there a Dark Sun expert here who would like to help with an audio drama adaptation?


My partner and I do a podcast in which we adapt old video games into something like radio dramas. Previously we’ve done Final Fantasy IV (SNES), Fallout 1 (PC) and Soul Blazer (SNES), and the next one we’re wanting to produce is based on the PC RPG Dark Sun: Shattered Lands. A 120,000 word rough draft of the script is already written, and we’re anticipating it being about twelve 45-60 minute long episodes.

I am not an expert on Dark Sun; all I’ve done is play through the computer game and make the script. But there’s a lot going on that I want to make sure is accurate and true to the source, specifically the lore surrounding the world, the characters, races, cities, events and history. I also want to make sure we know how to pronounce all of these names!

If you want to help out, let me know! You can reach me personally at At present, all we have is the script, the music, and the sound effects; none of the characters have been voiced yet. It’s a process that will probably take several months, perhaps as long as a year. It would be quicker, but I have a full time job and ADD, heh.

The podcast is called The Spoony Bard’s Aural Theatre. There is a website ( but there’s not much useful information there, really. You can find it on any kind of podcast thing, if you want to listen and get an idea of what it is we do.

Any help would be appreciated. I want to make this series sound great, but mostly I want it to sound accurate.

Edit to add: Here is a link to the script, also: (there is a period at the start of that link you’ll need to omit; turns out I’m too new to post more than two links.)


I would be happy to help, if I can. The more people who know and like Dark Sun, the better.

Excellent! I appreciate it your help. Are you familiar with the game? You don’t need to be; this project is based on the game but it’s the setting I want to portray as accurately as we reasonably can. At the moment we’re just cleaning up the script, but real work is about to begin. Is there an e-mail address, or some other means I can reach you directly for inevitable nagging questions?

I emailed you. I am familiar with the game, but I’ve never beaten it.