I've been granted access to DALL-E

I have a few credits, and after that I’ll need to pay but it will be worth it. I need a detailed description to produce some art.

This is what I have so far. You get what you put in. So I need better descriptions.


Note that this is DALL-E 1 not DALL-E 2. You’ve got a decent chance of being approved for DALL-E 1 if you sign up. Details here.

The way this prompt has drawn Hamanu is an indication that DALL-E does not know who Hamanu is.

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Wow this is wild! I had a lot of success on the mini model by describing things as if I was commissioning art from someone who doesn’t know the setting. So I might try a prompt like:
“Babylonian emperor sorcerer holding a staff with an obsidian orb in an opulent throne room”

Also in the mini model “Style of dark sun athas” did a better job for me getting the browns and yellows and oranges color scheme and vibe than “style of Gerald Brom” possibly because Brom does lots of fantasy art that’s not connected to Dark Sun.

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Here you go.

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Man this is so much better than the mini version. I can’t wait to get access and play around with this.

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I’ve applied for DALL-E 2 as well, but it’s doubtful that I’ll be granted access any time soon. DALL-E 2 does faces very well, something DALL-E 1 seems to struggle with.

It seems to struggle with Dark Sun. How about Camelot?

I asked the system to produce some variants of the Babylonian sorceress.

Again, some trouble with the face. The one levitating the orb seems the most viable.

I requested a variant on that variant.

The limitations on DALL-E 1 only have me more excited for DALL-E 2.

“Fantasy art by Robh Ruppel” yields this.

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I used a cropped version of Lord Soth’s Charge (above) to create variants (below).

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Variants of Hamanu. Not too bad.


Check out this article about DALL-E 2 creating D&D portraits.


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This is all great fun! Thank you for letting us know.

Could we put in some requests?

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Yes. Requests are fine. Better yet, sign up. This is DALL-E 1. I expect that they will be very permissive with sign ups for 1 now that DALL-E 2 is up and running.

How do you sign up for DALL-E 1? I cannot seem to find it.

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Right here. It’s quite painless.

I already did that. I was wondering if there was something else to get access to V1.

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I’m currently toying with the Midjourney ai tool. Good fun.

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No. Just wait. DALL-E is the old version, and I expect that most requests will be fulfilled in the near future (within weeks). DALL-E 2 is what everyone wants access to and access may take some time.

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Made with Nightcafe.

Prompt: Hamanu, sorcerer king of Urik.

Prompt: Desert gladiator in a loincloth and wielding a sword.