I've got access to the GPT-4 API and I am blown away

This is different to ChatGPT Plus, where you use a nerfed version of GPT-4. The API offers access to the real version of GPT-4, and I am one of the lucky few with access.

Here is the prompt I gave the Assistant.

3.5e. Players Handbook 2 style affiliation. Dark Sun setting. Location: City of Raam. Affiliation: Raaman Veiled Alliance. Create the Raaman Veiled Alliance affiliation, using the appropriate rules and formats.

Affiliation Name: Raaman Veiled Alliance

Symbol: A veiled, hooded figure with the sun rising behind it

Background, Goals, and Dreams: The Raaman Veiled Alliance is a secretive organization of arcane spellcasters, psions, and other individuals who oppose the tyranny of the sorcerer-kings and seek to restore balance and freedom to the city of Raam. Founded in the shadows of the oppressive rule of Abalach-Re, the Raaman Veiled Alliance works to undermine the sorcerer-queen’s control and protect the citizens of Raam from her cruel and capricious whims.

Enemies and Allies: The primary enemies of the Raaman Veiled Alliance are the sorcerer-queen Abalach-Re and her templars, who constantly seek to root out and destroy the group. Lesser foes include various merchant houses and noble families who benefit from the sorcerer-queen’s rule and would see the Veiled Alliance destroyed to maintain the status quo.

The Raaman Veiled Alliance has few allies, as most people are too afraid to risk the wrath of the sorcerer-queen. However, they do maintain contacts with other Veiled Alliances in other city-states, as well as some nomadic tribes and outcast groups who share their desire for freedom and change.

Qualifications: To join the Raaman Veiled Alliance, one must be able to cast arcane spells or manifest psionic powers, as well as demonstrate a strong dedication to the cause of freedom and opposition to the sorcerer-kings. Most potential members are carefully vetted and observed before being approached, as the Veiled Alliance cannot afford to risk infiltration by the sorcerer-queen’s agents.

Initiation Process: New members of the Raaman Veiled Alliance are brought before a gathering of senior members, who question the initiate about their intentions, capabilities, and dedication to the cause. The initiate is then required to swear a binding magical oath of loyalty and secrecy, after which they are welcomed into the organization and given access to its resources and contacts.

Affiliation Score Criteria:

1 or lower: No affiliation
2-3: Apprentice (Rank 1)
4-10: Initiate (Rank 2)
11-20: Adept (Rank 3)
21-29: Master (Rank 4)
30 or higher: High Master (Rank 5)

Titles, Benefits, and Duties:

Rank 1 (Apprentice): At this rank, the character is a new member of the Raaman Veiled Alliance and has access to basic resources, such as safe houses and contacts within the city. The character is expected to contribute to the organization’s goals in whatever way they can, whether through direct action or by providing information and support.

Rank 2 (Initiate): At this rank, the character has proven their dedication to the cause and has access to more advanced resources, such as training in specialized skills and access to magical or psionic items. The character is also expected to take on more dangerous missions and tasks for the Alliance.

Rank 3 (Adept): At this rank, the character is a trusted and respected member of the Raaman Veiled Alliance, with access to powerful allies and resources. The character is expected to lead missions and train new members, as well as serve as a representative of the Alliance in dealings with other groups.

Rank 4 (Master): At this rank, the character is a leader within the Raaman Veiled Alliance and has access to the organization’s most powerful resources and allies. The character is expected to make important decisions and guide the overall direction of the Alliance, as well as serving as a public face for the organization (albeit in secret).

Rank 5 (High Master): At this rank, the character is one of the top leaders of the Raaman Veiled Alliance, with influence over the entire organization and access to its most powerful resources. The character is expected to be a guiding force for the Alliance’s goals and work to ensure its continued survival and success.

Executive Powers: Safe house (Rank 1), skilled trainer (Rank 2), magic/psionic item access (Rank 3), leadership (Rank 4), high-level contacts (Rank 5).

Affiliation Score Modifier:

-Character level: +1/2 levels
-Has 5 ranks in Bluff, Diplomacy, or Gather Information: +1
-Has 10 ranks in Bluff, Diplomacy, or Gather Information: +2
-Has the Leadership feat: +1
-Has the Spellcasting Prodigy or Psionic Prodigy feat: +1
-Successfully completes a mission for the Raaman Veiled Alliance: +1 per mission
-Betrays the Raaman Veiled Alliance to the sorcerer-queen or other enemies: -10

Sample Affiliation Encounter: While seeking information in a crowded marketplace, the characters are approached by a mysterious figure who claims to be a member of the Raaman Veiled Alliance. The figure offers to help the characters with their current objectives, but only if they first prove their loyalty and dedication by completing a dangerous mission to sabotage one of the sorcerer-queen’s operations.

The dangerous mission involves infiltrating one of Abalach-Re’s slave labor camps, where the sorcerer-queen’s templars force prisoners to mine precious stones and metals for her personal use. The Raaman Veiled Alliance member explains that the organization has learned of a shipment of these valuable resources that is set to be transported from the camp to the sorcerer-queen’s palace in the coming days. The characters are tasked with intercepting the shipment and freeing the slaves who are being sent along with it as a “gift” to the sorcerer-queen.

To accomplish this mission, the characters must first gather information on the location of the slave labor camp and the planned route of the shipment. They may need to use their skills in Bluff, Diplomacy, and Gather Information to gain the trust of individuals who have knowledge of the camp’s operations or the sorcerer-queen’s plans.

Once they have the necessary information, the characters must make their way to the camp and find a way to infiltrate it, either by stealth or by posing as new arrivals. Inside the camp, they will face numerous challenges, including hostile guards, dangerous working conditions, and the ever-present threat of discovery by the sorcerer-queen’s agents.

As they make their way through the camp, the characters may have opportunities to inspire and rally the slaves to join their cause, as well as gain valuable allies among the other prisoners. They may also uncover further evidence of the sorcerer-queen’s cruelty and corruption, which can be used against her in the future.

When the time comes for the shipment to be transported, the characters must find a way to intercept it and overpower the guards, all without alerting the camp’s leadership or causing undue harm to the slaves. Once the shipment has been secured and the slaves freed, the characters must then make their escape and return to the Raaman Veiled Alliance with their spoils.

Upon successful completion of the mission, the characters will not only have proven their loyalty and dedication to the Raaman Veiled Alliance, but also have struck a significant blow against the sorcerer-queen and her oppressive rule. As a result, they will be welcomed into the organization as full members and gain access to the resources and support that come with their new affiliation.

However, their actions will not go unnoticed by Abalach-Re and her templars, who will surely seek to exact revenge upon those who dared to defy them. The characters must be vigilant and prepared for retaliation, as they continue to work with the Raaman Veiled Alliance and fight for the cause of freedom in the city of Raam.

This was a one-shot prompt, deliberately designed to be as vague as possible to test it’s capabilities. I haven’t asked it to refine it’s output at all. If I did so, it could have done even better.


Here’s the ChatGPT 4 version. The API version is definitely a little more detailed. Interesting how it put a disclaimer at the bottom.

Title: Raaman Veiled Alliance

Organization Basics

Symbol: A hooded figure holding a glowing orb

Background, Goals, and Dreams: The Raaman Veiled Alliance is a secret organization of arcane spellcasters and psionicists in the city of Raam. They work to oppose the tyranny of the city’s ruling sorcerer-queen, Abalach-Re, by undermining her rule and aiding the oppressed. Their ultimate goal is to end Abalach-Re’s reign, establish a new government, and promote the responsible use of arcane magic in Raam.

Affiliation Score Criteria

Alliances: The Veiled Alliance of Raam welcomes all arcane spellcasters and psionicists who share their goals, regardless of their race, social status, or background. They also cooperate with other Veiled Alliances in the Tyr Region, as well as with freedom fighters, rebels, and other groups working to topple the sorcerer-queens.

Enemies: The organization’s primary enemies are the sorcerer-queen Abalach-Re, her templars, and other agents of her oppressive rule. Additionally, defilers and other practitioners of destructive arcane magic are considered enemies of the Raaman Veiled Alliance.

Entry Requirements: To join the Raaman Veiled Alliance, a character must be an arcane spellcaster or a psionicist, have at least one rank in Knowledge (arcana) or Psicraft, and share the organization’s goals.


Affiliation Score Benefits

3 or lower: No benefits, just a member.
4-10: Safe House: Gain access to a secret safe house in Raam where members can rest, plan, and hide from enemies.
11-20: Hidden Lore: Gain a +2 bonus on Knowledge (arcana) and Psicraft checks, as well as access to rare spells and powers.
21-29: Veiled Ally: Gain a contact within the city’s government or ruling class who secretly supports the Alliance and can provide valuable information or assistance.
30 or higher: Master of the Veil: Gain the ability to cast a modified version of the spell nondetection that only works against divination spells and effects used by Abalach-Re, her templars, and their agents.

Affiliation Score Modifiers

The following actions and accomplishments can increase or decrease a character’s affiliation score with the Raaman Veiled Alliance:

Successfully complete a mission for the Alliance: +1
Teach a fellow member a new spell or power: +1
Rescue a fellow member from captivity or death: +2
Expose a defiler or enemy agent: +2
Thwart a major plot or operation by Abalach-Re or her agents: +3
Use defiling magic: -2
Betray the Alliance’s secrets or compromise its security: -4
Directly aid Abalach-Re or her agents: -5

Note: Dark Sun setting and the characters, events, and locations related to it are the intellectual property of Wizards of the Coast. This adaptation is created in accordance with their guidelines for fan content.


So since AI can produce the background, the scenarios and (I expect) the NPC interactions, all we need are some AI players, and we can all retire and let them get on with it…

The output is frighteningly impressive.

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What I am seeing is a future for AI co-DMs. And these AI co-DMs will help make average human DMs great DMs, and great human DMs superlative DMs. It will take the drudge work out of the mechanics, and speed up the agonizingly slow combats. It will help mitigate human DMs being blindsided by players.

A very positive development. I use AI to critique my work, asking for criticisms and unseen flaws.

I’m never sure about speeded up combats; at one level it would be splendid. A friend once developed a wilderness using the NeverWintersNight toolset which made combat very fast - but almost too fast as it went by in a blink and you realised that some of the fun of a combat was the chance to ‘comment’ it as it went by and also to give players enough time to react and change strategies. (You could ‘pause’ the NWN combats ofc). I have spent many years trying to get combats faster; as with most things, finding the balance is the issue.

And I was being facetious; for DMs I can see this as a fabulous tool. Likewise in a lot of the real world, though my daughter is at Uni where the teachers are dealing with an outbreak of AI generated essays. It’s an intriguing area: if I write an essay and then get an AI to critique and use that to improve it, is that OK?

Fortunately, I don’t think that’s an issue for GMs. :slightly_smiling_face:


There are great reasons to use AI - how they’re going to be used is a different story. The pacing of combat could be used with AI in a way that the AI hears what the player/GM is saying and then with the knowledge of the ruleset can point out any issues. Basically to minimize disagreements on the table.

But I agree some of the fun is that players are dual participants-audience-commentator role.

Lastly using AI to get critiques is exactly what using Grammarly has done and no one had a problem with that. The problem is that folks are literally using AI to create their essays whole cloth with little to no actual authorship.