Kalidnay - Dark Sun/Ravenloft Planar Crossing

We all know that Kalidnay was taken into Raveloft by the mists, correct?

Well, that had me thinking…

What if you could escape Athas via the mists?

Say from Athas to Ravenloft and then from there to another world? Is this possible, even if only in theory (since the mists won’t let you go easily)?

The 4e material said that some members of Kalidnay find their way from Raveloft back to Athas. But can you go from Ravenloft to another Domain of Dread or world/setting?

Possible? Sure. Likely? No. But hey, if Vecna can do it so can PCs


That’d be my reply also.
I mean Athas sucks, sure, but would Ravenloft be any better?

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That’s what i thought.

I also heard that the World Serpent Inn has a couple doors on Athas. Anyone know where they are?

I am working on a Kalidnay article for Quoth the Raven, the fanzine of the Fraternity of Shadows. 34 pages so far.


You could go from Athas to Ravenloft, but getting out of Ravenloft is arguably harder than getting out of Athas. If we take the table from Defilers & Preservers in 2nd Ed, any spell attempt to get to the Astral or Outer Planes fails a flat 80% of the time, strands the caster in the Gray 15% and succeeds just 5% of the time. You can add your caster level to the roll which means a 20th level caster will punch through the Gray 1 out of 4 times. Not great odds, but infinitely better than getting out of Ravenloft by the same methods - they just fail automatically unless DM Fiat is involved.

This is what makes Dregoth’s possession of the Planar Gate so unique - it doesn’t get impeded by the Gray and is absolutely reliable travel.

The World Serpent Inn has at least one connection to Athas - a door described as “kept under lock and key for as long as anyone can remember”. It opens into ruins half buried under sand dunes a few miles from an oasis that lies 20 miles southeast of Draj - Dragon Magazine 351 has the details. That said no reason you couldn’t put a random entrance to the Inn through a tavern or other shop anywhere in the cities of Athas.

***EDIT: Redking, please link your Kalidnay article when it’s published - nicking bits for one’s own campaigns is the sincerest form of flattery after all :wink:


@redking I’m also interested in your article, won’t you let us know when you finish it? Pretty please?

Thanks a bunch @Kalindren, I somehow missed that!