King Kalak statblock 3.5e using my advanced being rules

Kalak (“Tyrant of Tyr”) CR 37

Male Human Psion (nomad) 10 / Wizard 5 / Cerebremancer 10 / Archmage 5

Neutral Evil Medium Dragon (Advanced Being, Rank 1, Augmented Humanoid, Human, Psionic)

Init +7; Senses Darkvision 60 ft; low-light vision; Listen +25, Search +30, Spot +25

Languages All (Polyglot)

AC 27, touch 27, flat-footed 20; (+7 Dex, +2 Natural, +8 Armor)

hp 316 (30 HD; 30d4+240); Fast Healing -

DR 11/Epic; PR 19; SR 35; Resist -;

Immune disease, sleep, energy drain, ability drain, paralysis, polymorphing, petrification, or any other attack that alters his form; Weakness:

Fort +35, Ref +34, Will +48

Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)

Melee Assassin’s Dagger +25/+20 (1d4+11)

Ranged +21/+16

Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.

Base Atk +14/+9; Grp +23

Combat Options Spells, Powers

Combat Gear Spell Resistance (35) Robes +8, Belt of Magnificence (+6), Bracers of Armor +8, Ring of Epic Psionics IX, Ring of Epic Wizardry IX, Ring of Freedom of Movement, Rod of Metamagic (Quicken), Rod of Epic Splendour, Scepter of the Tyrant of Tyr

Psion Powers (CL 30th, Power Points: 640 [343+150+147], DC 24 + power level):

All Psion powers in the SRD.

Epic Psionic Powers 4/day Kalak’s Malediction, Kalak’s Wrath, Epic Summon Monster X - XIV, Kalak’s Tireless Laborers.

Wizard Spells (CL 32nd, CL 34th to overcome SR, DC 24 + spell level):

All Wizard spells in the SRD.

Wizard Spells Per Day 4, 8, 8, 7, 7, 7, 7, 6, 6, 10, 2, 1, 1, 1,1

Epic Spells 4/day Kalak’s Malediction, Kalak’s Wrath, Epic Summon Monster X - XIV, Kalak’s Tireless Laborers.

Spellbook (leather scrolls)

Abilities Str 29, Dex 25, Con 27, Int 39, Wis 28, Cha 23

SQ Darkvision 60 ft, low-light vision, archmage high arcana, genocidal be focus, floating feats, far reach 90 ft, rebuke undead, mystical reservoir, meta-mastery, advanced being traits, defiler metamorphosis 1 traits, salient feats, superior skill mastery, Dragon Magic, Dragon Metamagic, Epic Translation

Feats (21) Chain SpellP, Dragon MagicP, Dragon MetamagicL, Empower SpellP, Enlarge PowerB, Eschew MaterialsL, Extend SpellL, Far Reach 1 (30 ft)P, Far Reach 2 (60 ft)P, Heighten SpellP, Magical AptitudeB, Maximize SpellB, Meta-masteryP, Path of Least ResistanceP, Persistent SpellL, Practiced ManifesterL, Practiced SpellcasterL, Psionic MeditationB, Quicken SpellL, Skill Focus (Psicraft)P, Skill Focus (Spellcraft)L.

Epic Feats (12) Enhance SpellP, Epic ManifestingP, Epic Psionic FocusL, Epic Skill Focus (Psicraft)P, Epic Skill Focus (Spellcraft)P, Epic SpellcastingP, Epic TranslationL, Ignore Material ComponentsP, Improved Heighten SpellP, Improved Spell CapacityL, Intensify SpellP, PolyglotP

Item Creation Feats (9) Brew PotionM, Craft Magic Arms and ArmorM, Craft RodM, Craft StaffM, Craft WandM, Craft Wondrous ItemM, Forge RingM, Meta-craftingM, Scribe ScrollB.

Salient Feats (15) Floating Feats, Genocidal Focus (Ogres), Immortal Grace, Master Manifester, Master Spellcaster, Masterful Forging, Puissance x3, Salient Damage Reduction (DR 11/Epic), Sorcerer Monarch, Superior Skills Mastery, Superior Species, Superior Spell Capacity, Turn/Rebuke Undead.

Skills Autohypnosis 27, Balance 23, Bluff 22, Climb 25, Concentration 24, Craft (Alchemy) 42, Decipher Script 35, Diplomacy 26, Disable Device 30, Heal 25, Intimidate 48, Jump 25, Knowledge (Arcana) 68, Knowledge (architecture and engineering) 35, Knowledge (dungeoneering) 35, Knowledge (geography) 35, Knowledge (history) 35, Knowledge (local) 35, Knowledge (nature) 35, Knowledge (nobility and royalty) 35, Knowledge (Psionics) 70, Knowledge (religion) 35, Knowledge (the planes) 35, Listen 25, Psicraft 83, Ride 23, Search 30, Sense Motive 25, Speak Language 3, Spellcraft 100, Spot 25, Survival 25, Use Magic Device 29, Use Psionic Device 27.

Skills (0 ranks) Appraise +14, Disguise +6, Escape Artist +7, Forgery +14, Gather Information +6, Handle Animal +6, Hide +7, Move Silently +7, Open Lock +7, Perform +6, Profession +9, Sleight of Hand +7, Swim +9, Tumble +7, Use Rope +7.

Possessions 320,000cp or combat gear plus: Combat Gear plus: Belt of Magnificence (+6), Bracers of Armor +8, Ring of Epic Psionics IX, Ring of Epic Wizardry IX, Ring of Freedom of Movement, Rod of Metamagic, Quicken.

Key for Feat Annotations:

B = Bonus feats obtained from classes.

L = Feats obtained from character levels.

P = Feats from the Puissance salient ability.

M = Item creation feats from the Masterful Forging salient ability.

Special Qualities (Descriptions)

Far Reach (Su) 60 ft: Kalak can use touch spells and powers on targets up to 60 feet away.

Rebuke Undead: Kalak can rebuke undead as a 30th level cleric.

Floating Feats: Kalak has 2 non-epic and 1 epic feat as floating feats that he can change every day, assuming that he meets the prerequisites.

Genocidal Focus (Ogres): At one point, Kalak was committed to wiping out the Ogre race. He has the genocidal focus ability. This ability still works on undead ogres if they still retain their ogre racial traits.

Masterful Forging: Kalak can craft any magic (or psionic) item that has a specific requirement, such as a race, class feature, skill, or spell, even if he does not possess that requirement. His effective ML/CL for crafting psionic items is 40, and magical items is 42. Kalak has eight item creation feats granted through one instance of masterful forging.

Mystical reservoir: Kalak has a mystical reservoir of 3300 XP that he can use for spellcasting or manifesting XP costs daily. Once per month he can use the mystical reservoir of 3300 XP to pay for item crafting XP costs.

Meta-mastery and meta-crafting: Kalak has magic-psionic transparency when using metamagic/psionic and crafting feats.

Sorcerer Monarch: Kalak is a Sorcerer Monarch and can grant spells to his templars. Kalak’s domains are Artifice, Hatred, Evil, Tyranny and Mind.

Path of Least Resistance (Su): When casting a spell or power for which Kalak knows both a psionic and arcane variant, he uses the lower of the target's Spell Resistance or Power Resistance. Kalak knows all the spells and powers in the SRD.

Dragon Magic (Su): Kalak can draw magical energy from animal life to enhance his spells, treating the terrain as more abundant or casting without defiling plant life. This ability requires an obsidian orb worth 1,000gp and may cause Constitution damage to creatures within the radius.

Epic Translation (Su): Kalak can translate epic spells to equivalent powers and vice versa, although the DC is based on the seed costs in the respective systems.

Puissance (3): 9 bonus feats, 9 bonus epic feats. Chain Spell, Dragon Magic, Empower Spell, Enhance Spell, Epic Manifesting, Epic Skill Focus (Psicraft), Epic Skill Focus (spellcraft), Epic Spellcasting, Eschew Materials, Far Reach 1 (30 ft), Far Reach 2 (60 ft), Heighten Spell, Ignore material components, Improved Heighten Spell, Intensify Spell, Meta-mastery, Path of Least Resistance, Polyglot, Skill Focus (Psicraft).

Dragon Metamagic (Su): Kalak can utilize Dragon Magic to apply multiple metamagic enhancements to a single spell, up to his highest spell level. He can heighten spells by up to two levels and quicken them as a swift action without increasing the spell slot level. Each metamagic level applied inflicts 2 points of Constitution damage. The usage of this ability is limited to a number of times per day equal to his spellcasting ability modifier.

Archmage High Arcana: Mastery of Counterspelling, Mastery of Elements, Mastery of Shaping, Spell Power +2.

Advanced Being Traits: Advanced beings possess an evolution score and access to exclusive salient feats. They are immune to disease, sleep, energy drain, ability drain, paralysis, polymorphing, petrification, or any form-altering attack, which they can voluntarily lower as a move action. They also possess darkvision (60 feet) and low-light vision, and are proficient with their natural weapons. Furthermore, any increase to an advanced being’s unmodified Intelligence score results in retroactive gain of additional skill points.

Defiler Metamorphosis 1 Traits: +2 natural armor bonus

Salient Feats: Kalak has an evolution score of 33, yielding 15 Salient feats.

Superior Skill Mastery: Kalak’s skill cap is 41 ranks instead of 33 ranks. In addition, Kalak gets a bonus to skill checks of +11 for any skill in which he has 5 ranks or greater.


Diminutive, draped in a purple robe. Golden diadem of Tyr’s kingship on a bald, scaly pate with wisps of gray hair. Deep lines on brow, gaze filled with age-old bitterness. Pallid, wrinkled skin hangs from jaw, giving an impression of a century-long fast.

Salient Feats
Epic Spells
Kalak’s custom items

Here is the full breakdown level by level.

Level Class & Level Feats Class Features Spellcasting Salient Feats
1 Psion 1 Magical AptitudeB, Psionic MeditationB Psychoportation discipline Psion +1 (Manifester Level 1)
2 Psion 2 Psion +1 (Manifester Level 2)
3 Psion 3 Practiced ManifesterL Psion +1 (Manifester Level 3)
4 Psion 4 Psion +1 (Manifester Level 4)
5 Psion 5 Enlarge PowerB Psion +1 (Manifester Level 5)
6 Wizard 1 Practiced SpellcasterL Scribe ScrollB, Familiar Wizard +1 (Caster Level 5)
7 Wizard 2 Wizard +1 (Caster Level 6)
8 Wizard 3 Wizard +1 (Caster Level 7)
9 Wizard 4 Eschew MaterialsL Wizard +1 (Caster Level 8)
10 Wizard 5 Maximize SpellB Wizard +1 (Caster Level 9)
11 Cerebremancer 1 Psion +1 (Manifester Level 10), Wizard +1 (Caster Level 10)
12 Cerebremancer 2 Extend SpellL Psion +1 (Manifester Level 11), Wizard +1 (Caster Level 11)
13 Cerebremancer 3 Psion +1 (Manifester Level 12), Wizard +1 (Caster Level 12)
14 Cerebremancer 4 Psion +1 (Manifester Level 13), Wizard +1 (Caster Level 13)
15 Cerebremancer 5 Quicken SpellL Psion +1 (Manifester Level 14), Wizard +1 (Caster Level 14)
16 Cerebremancer 6 Psion +1 (Manifester Level 15), Wizard +1 (Caster Level 15)
17 Cerebremancer 7 Psion +1 (Manifester Level 16), Wizard +1 (Caster Level 16)
18 Cerebremancer 8 Persistent SpellL Psion +1 (Manifester Level 17), Wizard +1 (Caster Level 17)
19 Cerebremancer 9 Psion +1 (Manifester Level 18), Wizard +1 (Caster Level 18)
20 Cerebremancer 10 Psion +1 (Manifester Level 19), Wizard +1 (Caster Level 19)
21 Archmage 1 Epic Psionic FocusL, Brew PotionM, Craft Wondrous ItemM, Craft Magic Arms and ArmorM, Craft WandM, Craft RodM, Craft StaffM, Forge RingM, MetacraftingM Spellpower +1 Psion Manifester Level 21, Wizard +1 (Caster Level 22) Mystical Reservoir, Floating Feats, Master Spellcaster, Master Manifester, Sorcerer Monarch, Superior Species, Superior Skills Mastery, Masterful Forging, Genocidal Focus (Ogres), Immortal Grace, Turn/Rebuke Undead, Salient Damage Reduction
22 Archmage 2 Mastery of Shaping Psion Manifester Level 22, Wizard +1 (Caster Level 23)
23 Psion 6 Psion +1 (Manifester Level 23), Wizard (Caster Level 24)
24 Psion 7 Improved Spell CapacityL, Epic SpellcastingP, Empower SpellP, Intensify SpellP, Chain SpellP, Corrupt SpellP, Enhance SpellP Psion +1 (Manifester Level 24), Wizard (Caster Level 25) Puissance 1
25 Psion 8 Psion +1 (Manifester Level 25), Wizard (Caster Level 26)
26 Archmage 3 Far Reach 1 (30 ft)P, Far Reach 2 (60 ft)P, Ignore Material ComponentsP, Epic ManifestingP, Epic CrafterP, Dragon MagicP Mastery of Elements Psion Manifester Level 26, Wizard (Caster Level 27) Puissance 2
27 Psion 9 Epic TranslationL Psion +1 (Manifester Level 27), Wizard (Caster Level 28)
28 Psion 10 Epic Skill Focus (spellcraft)P, PolyglotP, Epic Skill Focus (Psicraft)P, Skill Focus (Psicraft)P, MetamasteryP, Path of Least ResistanceP Psion +1 (Manifester Level 28), Wizard (Caster Level 29) Puissance 3
29 Archmage 4 Mastery of Counterspelling Psion Manifester Level 29, Wizard +1 (Caster Level 31)
30 Archmage 5 Dragon MetamagicL Spell Power +2 Psion Manifester Level 30, Wizard +1 (Caster Level 32) Superior Spell Capacity