Kurn, history - canon or non

How old is Kurn? Has anyone managed an extended history of the City State?

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The old Kurn dates back to the green age. And the new Kurn is at least 500 years old.

Both 2nd Ed revised box set and the 3rd ed rule book have to following to say about Kurn’s history and age:

Old Kurn was a prosperous but relatively small city from the Green Age that suffered great devastation in the early days of the Cleansing Wars. Once situated in a vast forest that has long since faded from the landscape, the elf city of Kurn was destroyed by the Champion called Albeorn, Slayer of Elves. When the Champions finally turned against Rajaat and became the dragon kings, the one named Keltis decided to build his city-state on the ruins of Old Kurn. He changed his name to
Oronis, but decided to retain the name of the city he was building over.

The ruins weren’t in as bad a shape as Oronis originally thought. He was able to build upon many of the foundations, and a few whole structures were still fit for use. Within a decade, Oronis’s Kurn was established. Within five decades, it was thriving. For five hundred years, Kurn followed the same course as the other sorcerer-king domains. Throughout that time, Oronis was troubled by something few of his peers possessed-his conscience.


@Killer_DM Bob, see Raddu’s post here releasing all unpublished stuff from Athas.org

It has the CS of Kurn in there, and the Lost Cities of the Trembling Plains.
Both feature stuff on Kurn. Not all is finished but the history part at least is elaborated enough to be usable (what I gained from a speedy gloss over it, that is, haven’t had time to fully read those).

Relatedly there is also the Athas.org released Wisdom of the Drylanders and Faces of the Forgotten North that treat Kurnan organisation or NPCs.


Prison-State of Eldaarich and the Trembling plains are pretty solid and several aspects are very well documented. Kurn has a good skeleton, but needs to be fleshed out.