Lands of the Ravaged Sun: Name for Derelict Keep Needed

I need some help coming up with a name for an old derelict stone keep that exists (in my game) at the very southern end of the Ringing Mountains / Forest Ridge, 20 or so miles NW of Celik.
Lands of the Ravaged Sun Keep


I would name it So-At. From an old ivory plaque with these letters still visible So-- -at–. if carefully cleaned the other letters spell out South Watch.


Red Stone Keep. That name just popped into my head.


I’ll expound a little from the Dark Sun FB post. Hagt-Enor. One of the dwarven forts of old, that used the once vibrant river here to float marble, granite and sandstone downstream to Celik. Inside prepare to cope with dwarven banshees, water cleric paraphernalia, strange texts on boats and their operation as well as earth related cult materials on the quarry side. A tunnel leads to the quarry located in a large box canyon nearby.

The quarry still exists but not recognizably. Hej-kin and Mountain Spiders lair in tunnels where the dwarves once worked. Some of the intelligent psionic spiders hold a verbal history of the area and can expound on the lament of the dead dwarves as well as whoever currently occupies the ruins.

Possible treasures include steel chisels, pick axe heads and perhaps some gems pulled from the earth.

For further insanity, throw some radioactive stones, uranium or the like in the canyon and some warped, mutated monsters and plants about. Throw damage or illness or even mutations if the PCs hover about too long.


Fantastic :+1: I love the dwarven quarry backstory.