LANDS OF THE RAVAGED SUN: New Original Dark Sun Campaign!

LANDS OF THE RAVAGED SUN, A new original Dark Sun campaign is off to a glorious start. A killer story is ready to unfold and be co-created by those that survive it’s many hazards and twists! All questions very welcome. We plan to release each instalment as a trilogy of adventures and we are getting closer to completion each day. Adventure #1: Whispers of Dread by Luke Swadling is in the final stages, and Adventures #2 and #3 (Both written by Robert Adducci) are well on their way. Gabriel Eggers (Avagion) is on board for regional maps as well as layout of text / images, Devin Night is creating killer top-down custom tokens, Oneiromancy and The Musical Rogue are on battle map creation, and Luis C Freitas / Matthew Makin / Kendal Gates on original sketch art.

These adventures will be free, however support by the community by way of donations will ensure we can keep the trilogies coming as we have a seriously cool concept we would love to see be fully created. This first trilogy has been generously backed by Brad Knorr, owner operator of


It will be interesting to see what you guys have come up with. Good deal.


The adventures themselves are system agnostic, there will be three version of each npc stat bloc: AD&D 2e, Pathfinder 2e, and D&D 5e. Also included will be a full Dark Sun Campaign Guide and Monster Manual for both Pathfinder 2e and D&D 5e. :metal::sunglasses: It may also include some VTT integration for Foundry.

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