Last Stand at Outpost 3

Anyone here run Last Stand at Outpost 3? Planning on running it again soon and wondering if people have any tips, tricks, vignettes, mods they’d like to share.
Seems well conceived and well enough written (despite some errors/omissions), though the first time I ran it, it didn’t go great so looking ways to improve my game.

I’ve been thinking about running it. You can find some great digital maps that are usuable on VTT here:


Nope, but I’ve looked at it quite a bit. It looks fine on the surface, so I’d like to know more about what went wrong in your game. It might help me identify the problems.

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Despite the fairly sandbox nature of the adventure (providing lots of options for where players might go), my player felt a lack of agency, like the only thing he could do was follow the orders of the outpost commanders and defend the fort.

I converted it to 2e for my game. Inserted inside a campaign it works perfectly. Its only flaw is that, as a stand-alone adventure, is a little bit poor.

(I also focused very heavily on the siege part, kinda like ‘Assault on Precint 13’ but on Athas.)


It made me think of the 1964 film Zulu.
Maybe The Alamo or even 300 could also be slotted in here.
Though the numbers of attackers each time seem too small to really capture the feeling of a beleaguered fort.


I agree. This is why, to give more the idea of a siege, i put all the attackers more or less at together: still structured as waves, but more connected with one another, with an elf leader that was coordinating the attacks, and added a final wave in which the survivors of each attack banded togheter. Moreover, inside the fort i made the defenders fall down pretty quick, unless players were there do actually help them. It came out fast-paced, i am pretty satisfied about it.