Levels of the Sorcerer Kings (with the Dragon as the benchmark)

Assuming 3.5 rules, what are the levels of the SMs? Assume that Borys the Dragon of Tyr is 50th level. What levels are the rest?

You might be after this:

Athas.org used a base 30 it seems for the SMs, I used a base 50 in an older draft. I moved into a base 60 a few years back with some updated prestige classes to make them more comparable with Forgotten Realms gods. I tend to view them as the gods of the Tyr region, even if they aren’t divine with enemies with the power to take them out having been kept in check by Borys and his ability to call on the other SMs for backup if it ever came to war.

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Yeah. I am more interested in how they compare to each other, rather than their total levels. The reason I say Borys is 50th level is because that was Borys true level in 2E, although due to the the way 2E described dual classing, he was called a “30th level dragon”. Borys was 20th level psionicist, 20th level wizard, and 10th level dual progression class dragon.

My next question was going to be, if I got sufficient answers to this one, is what would be the SMs character level (to be clear, I am not interested in their specific classes and PrCs, only total character level) if the Dragon was 40th level.

So have at it. I need no breakdown of the classes, just a number.

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If you just want their relative progress, it’s presented a few times in official materials. Dragon Kings said Nibenay had completed 3 steps of dragon metamorphosis, Tectuktitlay 2 stages, and the rest only the first stage. (This never felt totally right to me that most of them were stuck after the first stage… why had they all gone so long without progress? I think I might bump them all up a level or two by the time of FY1.)

By Free Year 10, Nibenay was supposed to have completed 4 stages, while Lalali-Puy & Hamanu completed 3. Daskinor completed 2. Oronis had completed 4 stages of avangion metamorphosis.

It says elsewhere that Dregoth completed 9 stages and Kalid-Ma completed 7 stages, putting them into the animalistic stages, before the others got together to kill them. If you assume each stage is a level you can work it out from there.

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