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Hi All,

I’ve been aggregating information for a set of adventures and ultimately a campaign I’m building. I’m a bit neurotic and like to build high quality experiences that tie into existing materials and timelines. To do this well, I like to understand everything. I intend for all of this to end up in a Foundry VTT world that hopefully I can share.

Towards that goal, I’ve started to aggregate location references for both Tyr and and Altaruk. I’m aggregating descriptions, references, mentions, and even timelines for these locations. I’d like to structure and share this work in a manner that’s useful for myself and for the community. How should this best be done in a manner that can be maintained and serve as a shared resource? Keep in mind I’m highly technical, although not a dedicated programmer.

Before deciding I needed a more permanent home for this information I started aggregating my research in the following tools:

  • Google Sheets - Limited in terms of data entry and format, as well as ability to relate information.

  • Obsidian - Great for managing large volumes of complex relational information, but a bit heavy to use. Also unclear to me how good the published site will be if I choose to publish.

  • Foundry VTT - Yes, I’ve actually build out a large volume of data directly in a foundry world, related to maps and locations. Clearly lots of issues with this model. Keep in mind this is the end goal, but the data used here should be secondary and not the primary source of truth.

  • Wiki - Haven’t explored using a Wiki, but this is clearly an option, although best for visual presentation rather than use as a database.

Please provide thoughts and input. Ultimately I want the storage format to have the following characteristics:

  • Store all references to Tyr in a structured database
  • Ability to cross-reference data (linking from resource to resource, page to page)
  • Capture attributes for all mentions and references, including summary, author, location, link, date, etc.
  • Potentially capture all source material in database (full descriptions from source material)*
  • Shareable/viewable on the web for public use
  • Preferably free, but not against purchasing a tool or paying a nominal hosting fee

*on this point I understand there may be copyright concerns

FYI I’ve pulled the data from the Locations References post
I also heavily rely on materials and ideas from Logarium and Overlord1024. For my Foundry VTT world I’m also relying upon world files built by Hiorthor, although I’ building my own from scratch.

Have you seen anything like this before, Dark Sun or otherwise? What was it built on? Can you link me? What ideas do you have?


I believe there’s an unfinished but even more extensive Refrence List, but i don’t recall where. @raddu?

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I have the Dark Sun Resource List as a reference as well. I presume this is what you’re referring to.

Here’s the location reference