Looking for 5E players guide

I got the Terrors of Athas 5E from Shawn Bowman. It is mentioned in the book that they have a Dark Sun Campaign Guide but I can’t find it online anywhere. I did find a facebook link to dropbox that was closed. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

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Author unknown, but I got this one off of the Athascon discord.


Here is the post from the facebook Dark Sun Fans group. I do not have a facebook account to message him.

Found the players guide I was looking for.


You should link it here or something so others don’t have to jump through all the same trouble to get it.

Upload it to the public share area of Google Drive

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Here’s a new google drive link to my last campaign guide and monster manual:

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So @Provos and @Valsavus… How did you find using those 5e books? Were there any problems or issues with them?

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@neujack I ran a 5e campaign for about 3 years using those rules. I ended up converting a little knowledge, freedom, road to urik, the first few chapters of ashes to athas and then we finished up with a conversion from Prince of Apocalypse. My players and I really enjoyed it.