Looking for Doug Hagerty, aka seker

From the WotC boards. Someone knows how to reach him?

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Did you try his email in the above?

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Yup. Address is likely disabled. I remember it didn’t work.

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What a blast from the past. I hope you’ll be able to get in contact with him. Send him to the forum if you do.

I have dozens, a hundred emails between us, and I assume innumerable instant messages but which are now lost to time along with their parent programs.

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Did you try LinkedIn?

Douglas Hagerty (@theebeardd) • Instagram photos and videos

You think it’s him, or you know it is, or it’s a rando Hagerty you just found?

I never checked LinkedIn, don’t know how to use it

He fits the age group. The other Doug Hagerty’s were either too old 70+ or too young 35 or less, you wont know unless you contact him. Its what I’ve done in the past.