Looking for Modues From an Old Site

I’ve been looking for these off and on for years and years st this point. There used to be a fan site that had some homemade adventures on them. I don’t remember which, it may have actually been Gerald Arthur Lewis’ site with his take on the dead lands.

Anyway, the adventure that stands out that I’ve been trying to find was a time travel one that involved the defiler Tethrades (from the merchant house of amketch module) becoming a dragon, traveling in time, finishing his total metamorphosis, and ruling over the entire region.

Does anyone remember, know, have, or know where I could find copies of this and the other adventures on whoever site that was?

It doesn’t ring a bell, but here’s the archived site if you can find anything there:

Naw, I guess it wasn’t on that site. Well shucks.

Anyway, thank you!