Looking for name suggestions

I have this Green Age psionic academy, unaffiliated with the geopolitical entities of the time (such as domains).

Can people provide ideas on what it could have been named?

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The academy grounds were carved out of the top of an inselberg (Google it), and the rock sat in a floodplain (during the Green Age). Imagine Mont Saint Michel in France but no high rise buildings and it shows little indication of occupation (since from the outside it looks like an inselberg).

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Maybe this, https://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/, or chatGPT can give some inspiration?

can you give me a list of names of a psionics academies in the dungeons and dragons setting for inspiration?

Sure! Here are some names for psionics academies in the Dungeons and Dragons setting:

  • Mindspire Academy
  • Psionica Institute
  • Telepathic Tower Academy
  • The Esoteric Mind College
  • Psychic Nexus Academy

I guess what I am asking is can you share the name of a psionic school/academy you came up with in your games or headspace?


Ok, ChatGPT then.

Dredge, mostly. The rare exception is Mindforge, but it feels dwarvish.

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my prompt was:
can you give me a list of names of a psionics academies in the dungeons and dragons setting for inspiration?

best of luck with it

Academy of High Sciences? A name representing the psionic modality before Tarandas.

Fulcro (Fulcrum)

Not for dark sun or even a psionic school, but my character in an upcoming game attended an academic institution called the Sapientium


Dreamfast - the school which has only a single remnant of their legacy remaining: they invented the long distance mass communication power that is still used in modern Athas by a certain high level psionic organization.

The Inner Sea - they specialized in travel powers. Their magnum opus was the original version of the very dangerous Probability Travel power… which was also their downfall. They formalized safe methods of Astral Travel.

(Translates as mind-mandible) - a discipline among Thri-kreen, it was the basis for the Body Weaponry power. Among Thri-kreen, it was used to enhance claws and mandibles, and visually looked the same as the material that their racial weapons are created from.

Diamondheart - they invented most of the attack and defense modes, which in a later age were adapted into powers.


Mind Forge
Monastery of Though
Tower of Iron Will
House of the Way

When you wrote, “Pscionics-School”, I first thought of this new-age track, “School of Aspasia”; this isn’t the exact track, but it’s close. 4:00 minutes in.