Lost 4e Homebrew Adventure

There was a homebrew adventure for level 1 that someone made for 4th edition that I lost during a hard drive failure some years ago and have had no luck finding. It was a free pdf that was distributed on some forum, which I can’t seem to recall.

The adventure started in Balic with the adventurers as recently captured slaves thrown into the arena to fight an Id Fiend. After the fight they are put back in their cells, some havoc breaks out and they escape into the sewer below the city where they encounter some grey oozes. They later end up working for a noble house and fight a bone golem at some point as well. I remember no more, aside from that after helping said noble in exchange for safe passage out of the city, the adventure ends with them leaving Balic.

Anyone have this pdf stashed somewhere by chance?

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Hurtalak’s Grave I believe there is another post about it. Im traveling so dont have it available right now.


Thanks! And understood.

I found my way to the post, which linked to the writer’s (Byron the Bard) website, and the link seems to be broken or the file removed.

A quick Google search turns up no other links to get it.
Anyone have the file?
I would be grateful for a direct link, DropBox, Google Drive, or other file sharing link that works.

Thanks in advance!

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Byron the Bard is a member of the Pristine Tower Dev Group. I’ll ask him (and the team) if he or anyone else has a .PDF copy.

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You are awesome! Many thanks!

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I was able to get it no problem: https://byronthebard.com/adventures/HurtalaksGrave.pdf


This link works! Thanks! It makes me wonder why I could not get it directly off his website when I visited. I even tried switching browsers.

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However, it is not the adventure I was looking for. This is a 3.5e module with a different story and plot. Bummer. :frowning:

Still going in my collection though. :wink:

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If you find the adventure, you should post the link here.

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Ah crap, sorry about that, I’m looking through my stash now, can’t seem to find many 4E adventures.