Lost Cities of the Trembling Plains 3.5 Supplement

Will we ever see the supplement Lost Cities of the Trembling Plains? There is a product called Faces of the Forgotten North, which contains allot of raw material about the supplement, but it continuously references the supplement as well, preventing it from being a stand-alone. Does anyone have a rough copy?

Apparently it is 3/4th completed.


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I have the most recent version of Lost Cities and I created a map of the are using the descriptions therein along with Brian Sanchez’s map tools (http://ds.daegmorgan.net/).

It needs a lot of editing and still a lot of writing.

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How much editing and writing does it need?

And can we pitch in and help at all?

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I’ll talk to the original authors and see what they have in mind.

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Hey Raddu, any news yet as to if the original authors would wish to have their work peer reviewed?

I don’t have information about ALL of the lost cities, but for the past decade or so, I’ve been putting together bits and pieces of stuff I have either found in published material, or created on my own, that makes up the Trembling Plains.

The key elements of this region:

  1. There are very few permanent settlements - Fort Ral, Azeth’s Rest, and Dry Spring.

  2. There is a predominant “race,” of tribal nomads, the Eloy, who maintain a unique racial trait, in that they are all of mixed human and elven descents. Human Kurnans and Eldaarish, fleeing their northern cities when those Sorcerer-Kings began to gather annual tributes for the Dragon, ventured out onto the Trembling Plains seeking sanctuary. Here, they met with elven tribes who had once been part of the Table Land tribes, but who had also ventured onto the Trembling Plains during the Cleansing Wars, seeking escape from the 8th Champion of Rajaat - Albeorn of Brunswich (Andropinis) "Slayer of Elves.”

The two races learned the benefits of cooperation, began to intermarry, have children, and established their own unique culture. Since those days, ages ago, the Eloy have since remained an elusive and secretive group of people, endlessly roaming the Trembling Plains, migrating as the seasons change, forever weary of the sedentary races who sometimes venture into their territory.

  1. The Trembling Plains provide the perfect unique ecological niche for melkillot to roam, feed, reproduce, and live in the massive herds they inherently form. This region is where the majority of “free” melkillots are captured for use in merchant trade caravans as giant beasts of burden. A possible new NPC class of melkillot hunters could be developed for those who capture and “tame” the giant beasts.

Here is the map I use to delineate the general boundaries of the Trembling Plains (notice the size comparison in contrast to the Tyr Region/Tablelands):

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So, the Eloy are like half-elf 2.0?

No, they are exactly as described in the AD&D 2ed Original Boxed Set. I only added my version of a possible back-story to the where, when and why the two races began to interbreed. It also gives half-elves some self-identifying features, or resemblance of a culture. Just as half-giants are always described as searching for their identity, I have always wondered what it would be like for a half-elf; stuck between not really being fully human, nor fully elven, and not being accepted by either. So what if there was a place for them? It might almost seem like a place a half-elf would strive to get to in order to find acceptance for who they are. Only, the half-elfs outside of the Eloy would still be considered “not one them.”

There are published stories as to why and where muls and half-giants originated from, but I have never found anything about half-elves. Obviously, it would be a simple process to have just one human parent and one elven parent – but what if there was an entire culture of just half-elves?

I appoligize for my ignorance. I am relatively new to Dark Sun, and I had not heard of the Eloy until now. I will look them up.

As for an entire culture of half-elves, one could easily adapt the facets of the culture of the Khorvair of Eberron to a more Dark Sun feel, particularly the lyrandar branch. Not all would translate well, of course. After all, Dark Sun elves are vastly different from all other types of elves, even those of eberron. However, the lyrandar do have a culture all to themselves, which can be used as a basis.

If a character is half-elf, does Nibenay still get the Bane quality against them? (I am going off of Athas.org stats for this)

Also, do you know if there are any 3.5 supplements with a write up of an Eloy?

I can see where you could draw parallels, especially with the history of the mixing of races, however, the Eloy on Athas are primarily nomadic herders (think bedouins of the Middle East), as compared to the Lyrandar of Eberron (which makes me think of the high elves of Middle Earth). While the Eloy do have their own distinct culture, and a few unique character kits, I don’t know how exciting it would be to play an Eloy PC. Of course, anything should be possible while enjoying rpg’s, so why not? Maybe the character could have been kidnapped and enslaved, and is trying to return to their homeland? Or is willing to lead other half-elves back to the Trembling Plains in hope of finding a place where they belong? Or maybe because of their past experience with mekillot, they are hired to handle the massive beasts for a merchant caravan? Or maybe the Eloy are just NPC’s.

I do not believe that there are any “officially” published products that contain information about the Eloy, but these other products do, and is where I have pulled the majority of my information from:

Faces of the Forgotten North (by athas.org): http://athas.org/products/ffn

DS3 revision 7 (by athas.org): http://athas.org/products/ds3

Trade Lords (by athtas.org): http://athas.org/products/tradelords

Also, I have two blog entries that explain the Eloy some more (from my perspective): http://agithewanderer.blogspot.com/2012/01/eloy-part-one.html


Any news on 3E Lost Cities of the Trembling Plains?
I have been mastering in this specific area the last 4-5 years. So a lot of ideas and build-ons have popped up in that time.
Like who are the founders more specific.
How were the bridges to Eldaarich built.
Maps of the ruins and cities, like Khundhuur, and what lay in wait for pc there.
Different local monsters and Npc.
The size and look of Daskinors fleet.
Insight to the Windwalker’s brotherhood etc.etc.
But would not want to step on any feet by releasing som information / ideas here that all ready was predefined.

Sorry for the misspell, english is not my first launguage.

No news, unfortunately

If you want to share what you’ve done, I’m sure we’d all love to see it.

My posts is here, in the forum. The forgotten north.
Here you can find a link to The lost cities, and everything Brax just released.:slight_smile:

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I will be adding some more material very soon, and the recent additions in The Forgotten North have given me inspiration for some new writings.