Making a PrC for 3.5. Replacement for Cerebremancer

I am making a replacement for the terrible 3.5 cerebremancer. I need to come up with a name for the PrC. Not cerebremancer and not Mind Mage. Any ideas?

I am provisionally calling the PrC Psimagi.

Here it is. Its a combo of cerebrancer, and spell to power erudite as it should have been without the strange mechanics. Inherently balanced because learning new powers is dependent on a scarce resource. PDF is below.!At1QqAc0yBQT4yCvnIX4jKmrj51q

Not bad. I always thought cerebremancer seemed too weak and uninspired.

Really interesting. I may have to use this for one of my NPC villains. :slight_smile: My crew isn’t quite up to the challenge of a low-level dragon yet, but I could totally see one of my recurring NPC opponents going this route.


If you are using this in a Dark Sun campaign you may have to rule that psimagi cannot get around using plant energy for their spell-powers. Or perhaps the opposite - perhaps spell-powers have no impact on the environment at all.

I used a heavily modified version of the Cerebremancer that took inspiration from DragoonWraith on GiantsInThePlayground, The Arcane Hierophant, the Ultimate Magnus and a few others. It was an attempt to allow any spellcasting/psionic hybrids. I’ve posted it to a google drive here:

The idea is the two classes you used to qualify for the class each give you some special abilities. If you take all 10 levels you will end up with 9th level spells/manifestations in one class, 8th in another with caster levels in both classes of 17 at character level 20.