Map of Bodach Ruins

Hello Friends. For a future adventure my players will be sent to Bodach to start looking for the Silencer. I was wondering if anyone ever made a map of the ruin? If so would you be willing to share?

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Here is a sketch I made for Bodach.
Grey areas are silt. The two building in orange are a large administrative complex (on a small hill), and surrounded by the silt a large temple (could also be an old arcane school).
The large black scar is where Irikos was destroyed and where the curse for the undeads of Bodach takes its sources. The black lines originating from the scar are large cracks.
Most buildings are destroyed or in very bad condition. There is a large complex of sewers and catacombs under the city, and underground tunnels under the hill, where the undead hide during the day.

Comments and suggestions welcome.


Thank you so much. This will save me a bunch of effort.