Maps in Dragon 391

In Dungeon #202, there is an article called “Traveling the Athasian Wastes” by Teos Abadia. On the first page of the article it states that Dragon #391 has an article called “Traveling the Sandswept Roads” that "has several maps of the Tablelands and provides distances and travel times between different regions.”

I was surprised by the “several maps” comment. Back when issue 391 came out I had the on-line subscription and the magazines were not compiled together but could be downloaded article by article. I have 1 map from issue 391 - the same map of the Tablelands that came with the 4E book, but with distances added. But I only have the 1 map. Did I miss other maps from that issue?

I’m not aware of any maps from issue 391. There were two more articles on Dark Sun (namely Athasian Monster Hunters and Muls in non-Athasian settings), but no map accompanying them.
And to be frank, the compiled version I’ve had the chance to peruse didn’t include your aforementioned article.

Sadly, the article was a web-article, so wasn’t compiled in the magazine, and is lost now that WotC has killed the pages about 4e articles…

That’s a pity, considering the few interesting topics that had been discussed in the 4e era.

Yeah, there’s only one map. It was never “in” the magazine, but available separately. What is meant by “maps” is the fact that it was available in both hi-res and lo-res versions, and that each map has different layers that can be printed independently. The page is still available in the Wayback machine, but the map is inaccessible.

I believe that all the Dragon and Dungeon magazines from that era are still available, but you have to have an active DDI subscription (and you can’t get one now if you never had one).

I have all of the 4e Dungeon and Dragon Dark Sun articles (and the hi-res version of the map), though I don’t suppose there’s anywhere I can post them without violating copyright.

You can buy all the 4e Dragon and Dungeon mags in DM’s Guild. They are pretty cheap.

The problem is that the mag doesn’t have that article, so is like pointless buying right now. Sadly, it seems that the map is lost.

Screw it. Wizards can send me a takedown notice if they like. Nothing should be “lost.”


Thanks for finding, and for posting, this map!

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Thanks. I was looking for this. And I agree that nothing should be “lost”.