Material based on CRPG Shattered Lands and Wake of the Ravager?

These are the two Dark Sun CRPGs. Because they are so old, there are some barriers in getting into these games.

Has anyone done a detailed write up of the story, quests, locations and other details of these CRPGs so that we could use them?

Tropes article about them here.

Terrors of Athas incorporated some of the creatures like Mindhome folk as new athasian monsters, and thanks to Gab’s Archive, there are some elements that were not included in the netbook but we still have the entries for, like the weird chandelier thing in the mosaic event in Wake of the Ravager

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Both games do have folders in the Future Projects folder for, so there was at least an intention of doing something with them.

A SUPER detailed walk through would be the logical 1st step and th most helpful one. Knowing how the game/adventure would allow DMs to detail the game/steal bits as they wished…

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With a quick glance, this: doesn’t look detailed enough to start writing out encounters with, IMO. It’d need full maps, lists of creatures/NPCs for each location, etc.

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Yeah. That’s the starting point for the entire thing. The problem is that someone will have to play it. With the older games, they were great at the time but there is a lot of nostalgia and they don’t really hold up compared to modern CRPGs. Often the issue is just gameplay logistics rather than story related issues. Anyway, it’s going to take some dedicated players to take notes. And these players will also have to go through every scenario and option in order to see everything available.

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Absolutely, 100%.

(Extra words here so i can post this… :roll_eyes:)

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I’ve been playing with trying to find places for the Shattered Lands locations on the map


Where’s that map from?

me working off the trembling plains map by raddu

Still. Where’s that map from?

The Lost Cities of the Trembling Plains folder in the BWOA (Burnt World of Athas) public share, it’s in a pinned thread here on Arena

I obviously missed this map

Thanks, mate

Raven put them on the cartographers guild site, you can get them all here:

A friend of mine ripped a bunch of the maps from the games, I’ll see if I can get them.

Here are the maps:
Shattered Lands :
Wake of the Ravagers:
Crimson Sands:

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I’ll put them in the project folder. Thanks.

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I forgot about Crimson Sands. Given that it is no longer available, it seems unlikely we’ll ever get a detailed synopsis of that one.

Yeah, there was some chatter about it at one point, but because it was an early mmorph, all world details were online and are apparently unavailable.

People have the install files, but its all UI and server connection stuff or whatever - no game content.

Yeah, there’s not much out there, but I found this interesting article:

p2 Gamasutra - Postmortem: SSI's Dark Sun Online: Crimson Sands

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I’ve read this article a long time ago. Could the writer of the article, this Andre Vrignaud, be of help?

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