Mini games for Dark Sun

Are there any little mini games you guys use in your campaigns… gambling, carnival, etc? I’ve done card games a little… I was thinking about the Caravan game from Fallout New Vegas, that would be cool to add, but tough to play on a online ttrpg provider.

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Hawke’s Gambit from the Tribe of One series. It was a gambling dice game use all the sided die. My pcs played it all the time at the Crystal Spider when they return to Tyr.


Dragon (kings) gambit with modified cards works…

To clarify a bit, instead of a hoard, there is the prison, and instead of the tokens representing gold, they represent the tribute. If enough tribute is not paid to the prison, everyone loses. But you also have to end up with more than everyone else at the end in order to win…

Thanks for the ideas

There was a thread about chess and games before you might mine for ideas.