Modiphius 2d20/CONAN

Games systems other than 1d20? How about 2d20?

I have considered this as a possible alternate for Dark Sun. There are some things to recommend it…

Fluid, fast flowing combat. Dramatic and brutal.
Excellent skill based system. Progression can be slower, but is more impactful.
Abstraction in all the right places. For example, designing a dungeon is more about action set pieces than the minutiae. You can put in as much or as little effort as you want.
Treasure is also abstracted. No less rewarding, but less penny pinching.

I do however, see some very significant challenges.

It does not accommodate the fantastic very well. Creating wildly different races, three or four magic systems, etc. It can do monsters fairly easily though. All the things I am talking about can be done, however would the effort justify it? That’s a hard sell.

However, there is one thing that this system does brilliantly. One thing which is undeniable. A work of pure genius.

CAROUSING TABLES! The drunken debauchery at the end of every adventure that leads right into the next! WHO IS READY TO GET SODDED?