Monsters manual converted

First off great info on the site.

My teen boys have been playing D&D for a few months. While talking about old style D&D games I told then about Dark Sun and they like the idea so I have decided to run a Dark Sun campaign for them and maybe some of their friends. I have found the 5e conversation for characters but so far not seen anything for monsters.

This go me thinking does anyone have a full monster manual for 5e? I see one a few topics down and i might be using that as my base.

My plan is to get my old books and start converting monsters this week. I’m sure it will take a few weeks of work to get them but I think it will be worth it. Maybe use the same photos and fluff just update stats. Will need to read up on the copywrite law don’t want to get in trouble but also not looking to profit from this at all.

I will share once I get done as long as I’m not breaking any rules.

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There is on based on 4ed Dark Sun creature Catalog which is good, but maybe not with the psionic powers. Anyway it is great and what I use for my current Dark Sun Campaign.
Check it in the link

Thanks I didn’t think about converting the 4th edition book just the 2nd ones I have.

I did see the one in the link but didn’t have a chance to really read the book as I need to be at my computer as it’s drop box.

Got to look that one over and I do like it. I will be using that as my base I think

Great. I’m glad to be helpful.