Monsters not converted to 3e

So I’m new to the forums here. I’ve been lurking off and on for the last 16 years or so and finally decided to create an account…

In reviewing monsters from 2e that were converted to 3e I noticed that in MM 2 3e art archives there was art created for a few dark sun creatures that never made it into the actual book. (Editing constraints I am guessing.) Dune reaper and silt horrors are two I am aware of. Are there any others anyone is away of? It looks like they got picked up in ToA for conversions. Are there any other Dark Sun unique monsters from 2e that did not get a 3e conversion?

Hum… Though 20 years, I “think” that peoples have found everything they could and everything was created and converted in ToA. I could be wrong, but still, I think they are all there.

From what I can tell, it looks like the tohr-kreen: j’ez, j’hol, t’keech and tondi were not converted. Were these meant to be omitted? Or were these saved for a future publication?


Look again, under “Favored Class” for the thri-kreen in ToA. Basically, tohr-kreen are exactly like thri-kreen stat-wise other than their favored classes

We didn’t get around to converting the following for ToA/TotDL:

From Black Spine - dream creature, iron sentinels, giant gith, various weird plants, sword spirits, animated statue, psivy

From Marauders of Nibenay - prismatic rose, pond fiend

From Dungeon and Polyhedron - jarbo, geran.

I don’t know if more work has been done to convert them since, but they were lingering on the to-do list. There were also plans to make a dray transformation template that would have been pretty cool :slight_smile:

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