Moon Phases and Dates

If you are using the Merchant Calendar program or wanted info on moon phases, here are some important dates of astronomical events for the moons Ral and Guthay. In a game these may have important significance to one particular culture or another. Specifically, the Moon Priests of Draj are known for their worship of the two moons.

These tables may be useful to help determine certain religious holidays or explain other cosmic events. Like when Ral or Guthay is full and alone, when both moons are new (darkest night), or when both moons are full (brightest night). The table for Ral corresponds to the Red Moon Hunt of Gulg.

I have all tables here for easy access and reference. Again, these are set to correspond to with the Merchant Calendar program. You may want to adjust the dates forward or back one depending or your game, but these all should be pretty close you what you see there. Enjoy.


Very useful!

You might want to correct the spelling on transit

Doh! I’ll have to fix that. Thanks for letting me know. It may take me a bit before I get to it.


I love the merchant calendar program. I don’t use it all the time, but I use it fairly regularly.
When the players are trying to be stealthy at night and they want to know what the moonlight is. I start up the merchant calendar and take a look at where the moons are.

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This might help as well.

Here is kind of a followup to my previous post. This is the relative amount of brightness of the sun and the moons of Athas according to the Merchant’s Calendar program.
I took every third day of the 375 day year and color coded of them. Each year for Guthay is the same. But for Ral, it repeats every 11 years. Months are on the left. Years are on the top.
You can see some of the interesting times like when the nights are moonless and the sun at its lowest point like Morrow 9 of FY 8. Does anything interesting happen then? You can quickly tell all of the bright nights and dark nights along with when the sun is at at High Sun and Low Sun.


Holy crap! That’s awesome.

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