Moon Phases Calendar

Finally finished it. A moon phases calendar for Athas consistent with the Merchant Calendar. I’m tracking all new and full moon phases along with when they are quarter and three quarter phases. I also have all lunar conjunctions and oppositions. Ral and Guthay have synodic periods of 33 days and 125 days respectively.
The calendar is divided into eleven unique calendars total, one for each year in the Endlean cycle, after which the calendar repeats and starts with the major conjunction at the beginning of the Endlean cycle in the year of Ral.
There are a total of 91 other conjunctions (every 44.8 days) Only about half of them will be visible at the exact time they line up. I have only included the day they occur on. On this day the each moon will be the exact same phase and Ral will pass directly in front of Guthay.
If you are using the Merchant Calendar program this may help you in planning lunar events. I also have a few other astronomical events in there like the equinoxes, the low sun, and the major eclipse that happen on Morrow the 3rd in the year of the Dragon.


Table of lunar events.


Super awesome work! Thank you.

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