My finished Dark Sun tattoo

So after a long time and a lot of effort my tattoo is done. What do you guys think?

My artist loved what I wanted and helped me figure out more detailed designs and placement of everything. After a session of about 5 hours of tattooing we finished with the sun and moons. A couple weeks later I went back and this is what it turned out as.

I’ve wanted this tattoo since I first played a psionicist in an AD&D campaign and now that I finally have it I can’t wait to hear what you guys think


I think that is an impressive piece of artwork.

Not bad, not bad at all! I extra-like the way it is not an obvious source (or even obvious that it has a source) unless you’re in the know, making it both versatile and a fun wink to fellow DarkSunners!

I hate tattoos, but I can’t help but like this particular tattoo.

Fantastic! I really like the space between the sun and moons, it really ties it together.

The coloring is awesome, the line work looks clean, and the shading is spot on. Prime piece of art. Should give a shout out to the artist.

That is amazing! I’m still in the pondering stage for my own DS tattoo…

That is one cool tattoo.

That’s badass bro. I’m jealous AF. Maybe my next tat will have a dark sun added into it…

I’ve never gotten a tattoo; I’ve never even wanted a tattoo. But this makes me think that if I ever got one, it would be Dark Sun-related (though probably much smaller). Awesome work!