Names for the main region

The entire region described in the original boxed set was IIRC named the Tyr Region by the Wanderer narrator. Bit insulting as Tyr has nothing special going for itself besides being the defacto starting point for adventurers.

I’ve seen people calling the region the Tablelands, even though that doesn’t actually cover all of the region.

There’s also the idea of the inhabited south and north. Together, those have a single name I could find, the heartlands.

What names have you found or invented to describe the Tyr Region and/or the wider region containing it? Basically, the lands once settled during the Green Age, in a radiating pattern around the Pristine Tower.

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I had a few regions call the area The Dragonlands or the Lands of the Dragon. With the death of the dragon, other powerful beings started to take notice once again of the tablelands, including former champions who had been kept out after the rebellion.


I normally call the region “the heartlands” if only because most of known civilization resides in the cities of the Sorcerer Kings. That being said I actually really like “The Dragonlands” and “The Lands of the Dragon” since its levy does focus exclusively on that territory. Since Borys is still alive in my campaign that works quite nicely too.

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The Wanderer was from Tyr right? I’m sure in Uruk, they refer to the refer to the region as, Hamanu’s Region etc.

The Tyr-region is a name not relevant to most games as the PCs are unlikely to meet anyone from Ur-Draxa, the North, South or beyond the Ringing-mountains.

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I kept the ‘Try Region’ designation and created reasoning for it: being that Tyr’agi (the centre of what was, in my campaign, a Rhulisti empire) held sway over the same region and, likely, areas beyond. Although Tyr’agi predates ‘modern’ Tyr by literal ages, the echoes of the empire’s significance lent itself to the name of the region…giving the city of Tyr a certain prestige as a result, which likely fed Kalak’s narcissism in claiming it for his own, despite that prestige being in name only…

Further, in my campaign, the history of the region and certain naming conventions would only be known and in use by a portion of the elite: master cartographers and scribes of obscure histories in the employ of the sorcerer-kings, certain templars and nobles with an interest in such matters, ancient orders of elemental priests in hidden Green Age temples, inner circle hierarchs of the Veiled Alliance etc.

The Table Lands would be enough for the common person…what do they care for names when they’re trying to survive to see another day?

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I just divide into the Tablelands (everything bounded by the Ringing Mountains on either side of the Sea of Silt), the Sea of Silt itself, and the Hinterlands (everything outside the Ringing Mountains). Once you’re close to a city, I’ll use things like Tyr region, Urik region, Crescent Forest etc.

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Like Kamelion, out in the wilds I generally use the term Tablelands.

I discussed this months earlier with someone, and we too concluded that when it says Tir’agi was on a plateau, it doesn’t mean the local region around the city-state of Tyr, but rather the entire map is the plateau.

The region around Tir’agi is supposed to be a quasi ring of mountains with an inner sea, and the Boxed Set map would be the north western quadrant of that ring shape. This could mean the chain of mountains in the map of the forgotten north is the continuation of the chain known as Ringing Mountains in the south.

Also means the Jagged Cliffs are the end of the plateau. It means the plateau is entirely surrounded by mountains, then an hinterland, then cliffs.

Completely agree. The Sea of Silt is in the middle of all this, not at the edge.