Need help with Big Bad

The characters found a Dwarf locked in an old keep. A pillar had been broken and wedged to keep these large stone doors closed. So my players unwedged the door and let the Dwarf go, because he was not obviously dead. However, he is actually dead and has a plan that the players will interfere with at a later time. My problem is that I don’t know what this big bad undead guy is up to. Any ideas?
I am playing before the Prism Pentad series, so Kalak is alive and well. The characters are two psionicists from Balic, and a water cleric from a slave tribe.

How old is the Keep? What was it’s purpose? What alignment is your undead dwarf? Do you know his focus?

A couple thousand year old dwarf might still have his mind back during the cleansing wars and begin murdering humans “in self defense”. Or maybe he’ll try and rally an army of dwarves and slay the butcherer of dwarves (which could get a lot of innocent dwarves killed and put a dragon in a grumpy mood). Or maybe he thinks modern dwarves are worthless and the world would be better off without his degenerate kin?

Or if he’s not that old, maybe he is (or was) a member of the Order and has something dastardly and psionic cooked up? Maybe he has a descendant that he can do something with in order to return to life?

Maybe he’s an old druid turned undead that thinks Athas is beyond “saving” but that perhaps he could turn the entire world undead because an undead world is better than a dead one. If so what would an undead world even really mean?

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The players did not find out how old he was, so he can be as old as your idea needs him to be. It is not likely that he was/is highly powerful, because he was locked in the room. Unless that was some sort of trick too.

If he’s a psionocist or some magic user he hasn’t had much to do but practice for however long. But really nothing I posted requires high levels of power, some evil cunning or maybe an ancient ritual. Well, other than having been a member of the order.

Love and revenge.

He and his closest friend (really more of a brother) worked for a merchant house. He confided in his friend, that after this Caravan run, he would ask his beloved it to marry him. But, his friend also was secretly in love with this woman, so the friend stabbed him, confessed his secret love and left him for dead. He a rose the next morning as a thinking zombie, bent on revenge against his “friend” and seeing his ladylove one last time.

Just recently, while waiting out a sandstorm, he was exploring the old keep he was sheltering in. Bandits also decided shelter in the keep and managed to trap him in the pillar.

The “friend” could now have risen up the ranks of the merchant house, and even be a patron of the PCs. He and his friend’s ladylove are married now.


Perhaps he’s a sun cleric that learned what Rajaat did to create his Champions. I know I’d be pissed off if i found out someone prematurely aged Sol just to attempt genocide on my species, even more so if i worshipped Sol. Maybe he’s looking for a way to give back the energy stolen…