Need some sage help regarding star rock

does anyone knows of any source material on star rock? ive seen it on the older maps but could only find any reference to it in the 3.5 revision.

thanks in advance

it’s in dark sun 3, in the power conjunctions section

Do you need any further help? I love the concept of Star Rock

Thanks but is there any reference to it in the older material? Because I did see it on the old maps, or is it one of those location like magehome that are left to the DM to develop?

I’ve never heard of “star rock” and I consider myself fairly familiar with Dark Sun lore.

Star Rock is a large observatory/orrery built by trolls before the cleansing wars. It is said to be the most exact orrery on athas, and those who visit it often find any abilities to see into the future that they have enhanced. Unfortunately, it is currently in disrepair, and several of it’s components have been stolen.

Yes but is there any source other then the 3e revision

I don’t think that was in the original Dark Sun setting. It was placed there so Athas could have places of power like other 3E settings. So the answer to your question, as far as I know, is no. The star rock would have been created by a contributor to this site.

Star Rock was present in 2e, only in regards to being shown on the map that came with the Revised Box Set (and, if I remember correctly, was only shown on one of the maps, even though the area was visible on both - because the two maps overlapped).

There is no actual information given for the site in 2e.

There is, however, a small bit of information to be shown in the hopefully-someday-released 3e+ release “Lost Cities of the Trembling Plains” (though perhaps renamed as “Secrets of the Trembling Plains”), though Prof. Zik-Chil summarized most of what’s there.