New Dark Sun Conversion to D&D 5e

Hi friends,

Here is a link to my new conversion. There are a lot of great ones out there, but I wanted one that captured the feel of the OG Boxed Set from 2e. I hope you enjoy.

Here’s a list of conversions I posted a while back.


Interesting. Will give you my thoughts on it later.

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I don’t have a good enough grasp of 5e, but I think that with a little tweaking sorcerers can accommodate for the alternative energy sources, especially the shadow magic origin for the shadow wizard and storm sorcery origin for the cerulean. Not as a base class of course, but as a multiclass option upon reaching higher levels.

I downloaded your file, and when my folder told me I already had it, I recall your post on the Facebook Dark Sun group with this same rule set.

I’ve said in several other places that any conversion of Dark Sun hinges on a functional psionics system, since so much of the campaign revolves around it.

I like that you’ve actually taken a stab at a unique rule system for the Psionics, and it feels like a good start. I would like to see more of the powers from either 2nd or 3rd edition in this list, as it feels a bit threadbare.

Otherwise, everything is looking good.

NOTE: On page 48 on the “Bureaucracy Skill” change the text “Add the Bureaucracy skill to the rogue class skill list.” with “Add the Bureaucracy skill to the templar class skill list.”

A very good work. I like how you integrated the UA.

It is possible to add the Psionics classes to your work like in this old post D&D 5e Psionic Classes (Homebrew) and a Champion (Paladin) class ?

Needs large half-giants.

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