New menu at the Golden Kank

originally posted by flindbar

The Golden Kank has now moved on to the “Ral Seasonal Menu”. See below.
The “Guthay Seasonal Menu” is still on the Kank website. See my sig.



Silt clam chowder. (3cp)
Roasted Tomato and Carru Cheese on faro bread. (1cp)
Crispy Inix goujons - served with a mustard and kank honey dip. (2cp)

Speciality Starter

Fiend Soup - The rarest of all dishes. Id Fiend slivers in a lightly spiced broth. (19cp)

Main Course

Kip Stew - Made to an original Dwarven recipe. (1cp)

Tembo Loin - Char broiled and served on boiled faro flour noodles. Good for gladiators to keep their “corancha” up !(4cp)

Erdlu Drumstick - Slow roasted for 2 days and served with faro needle flatbreads and a saedra berry chutney. (3cp)

Dressed Balican Dune Crab - White and brown crab meat mixed with boiled erdlu egg and served in a large silt clam shell. (1cp)

Hatori Tails - Cooked over agafari coals, flavoured with tamarind and served with a chadnut, olive and onion salad. (2cp)

“Palelta” - Diced Tyrian apricots, flaked almonds and inix meat is spiced, mixed together and pressed into a mould and baked. Served with the Kank’s famous barbel berry sauce. (5cp)

Golden Kank Specialities

“Doorcha” - Favoured by Balican skimmer captains. Sandworm elvers marinaded in the Balican spirit called “Druk” then floured and deep fried. Crispy and delicious. (15cp)

Silt Horror Surprise - This rare and unusual dish will serve six. Boiled erdlu pieces, hot urikite peppers with diced horror tentacles in a base of wild rice and tomtom beans. (22cp)

The horror currently in season is red silt horror.

“Zabra” - A dish of sandworm jerky, soaked overnight in Tyrian red wine. Coated in flour and spices, then deep fried until golden brown. (34cp)

“Hamanu’s Fist” - Only for the brave or our Lord himself.
The rarest dried purple hot Urikite peppers are mingled with exotic Gulgan spice barks to form a seasoned crust on specially selected tembo fillet steaks. Flash fried in olive oil to temper the fire of the crust. Served on a bed of braised fennel with a Tyrian red wine reduction. (44cp)
Extra pitcher of water. (2 bits)


Suet and faro pudding with burnflower bud jam. (5cp)
Baked sygra milk and wild rice pudding flavoured with rare wezer honey. (6cp)
Iced carru cream with barbel berry sauce. (1cp)
Sliced spider cactus fruit with fresh carru cream. (3cp)
Faro needle crackers, Tyrian red grapes and a selction of carru and aprig cheeses. (1cp)

Enjoy !