New to Dark Sun

Hi there,

I’m new here, and kinda new to Dark Sun. I read the Verdant Passage back in the 90’s and recently read it again. It got me stoked to run a campaign for my group.

What are the essential texts I would need? I was thinking the old box set and the first 3 modules. I have all my old 2nd edition basic books, but want to run it through Basic Fantasy rpg rules. Thanks!


What you need depends on what edition you want to play. Check out for a list of all published sources. For 2e, the boxed set should be good enough to get you started, so long as you have the 2e base rulebooks (players handbook, DMG, monster manual) and the complete psionics handbook.

correct me if i’m wrong

I would have to agree that you should check out the, specifically the DS3. The majority of that would tie-in most closely with Basic Fantasy. You’ll need to make some modifications, but that would be true in using any other gaming system translated into Dark Sun. Hope you find what you’re looking for!

Thanks guys. I bought the original box set and have some of the old 2nd e essentials. I’ll download the DS3. Sounds like it will work out ok. I also bought the module “Freedom” to start off the sessions.